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Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans

$ 99.00

Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans
Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans Euro Double Size (Metric) Kits and Plans

$ 99.00

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The Lori Wall Bed is the best do-it-yourself Murphy bed available anywhere:

  • It's Affordable: the Lori Wall Bed can be built for as little as $200 when you buy our hardware kit
  • It's Simple: the design eliminates the need for complicated springs or pistons, which can be expensive, difficult to install, and even dangerous
  • It's Versatile: when the Lori Wall Bed is not in use, it serves as additional storage. When it is in use, the fold-down shelf provides a night stand
  • It's Comfortable: the Lori Wall Bed's all-wood platform uses your own real mattress for a sturdy, comfortable night's sleep

Metric Units
On this page we offer our original Lori Wall Bed plans converted to the metric system of measurement. The plans and kits sold on this page are sized for a Euro Double mattress, 140cm x 200cm, and up to 25cm thick. We also offer a Euro King plan, for mattresses 160cm x 200cm. If your mattress is sized differently, you can make adjustments to the plans before cutting your wood.

Our DIY Lori Wall Bed Plans give you everything you need to build your own Murphy bed:

  • A complete shopping list for lumber, including tips on where to buy your wood, what species to buy, and how to select high quality boards
  • A detailed cut list for all your boards
  • Full step-by-step assembly instructions with multi-angle views and screw hole markings

Plans are delivered instantly and are available in Vertical and Horizontal orientations. Select your preferred orientation before adding the product to your cart. Other mattress sizes are available in our Shop.

Hardware Kit:
Our Lori Wall Bed Hardware Kit includes all the hardware you'll need to build your very own Lori Wall Bed:

  • Self-tapping, self-countersinking wood screws in assorted sizes
  • Our custom-sewn Lori Wall Beds strap to hold your mattress in place, which is fully adjustable for any mattress thickness, and easily unbuckles for sleeping
  • Drywall anchors and safety locks
  • Various other hinges, screws and bolts -- over 200 pieces in total
  • NEW! Hardened square driver bit for less slipping and stripping when driving our professional-grade screws, now included at no extra charge
The Lori Wall Bed Kit puts everything you need in one place. All the parts are neatly packed and labeled. You'll save money with our fast, free US shipping. Please note: this Murphy bed kit does not include the wood you'll need to build your bed, just the hardware.

Our plans are delivered to you instantly via digital PDF download. Hardware kits are shipped by USPS Priority Mail in two to three business days. Shipping is free within the United States! International hardware kit shipping is $25.

All of our Lori Wall Bed kits and plans are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you're looking to learn more about the Lori Wall Bed, check out our "Discover Lori Wall Beds" page.

Bed Dimensions
The bed dimension chart below shows the space requirements for each of our beds. Your ceiling should be at least an inch taller than your bed. Take a look at our Dimensions Page for more details on the space requirements of all our beds.

Bed Size/Orientation
Vertical Euro Double
Horizontal Euro Double
Mattress Size 200cm 140cm up to 25cm