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Wood Kit Details

We are very excited to introduce our brand-new Ready to Build Lori Wall Bed Wood Kits. As you consider whether a ready-to-build kit may be right for you, please make note of these important details.

This is a Woodworking Project
The Lori Wall Bed started out over 10 years ago as a woodworking project for do-it-youselfers, and now thousands of folks build one this way every year. Our ready-to-build kit makes the Lori Wall Bed accessible to everyone, by taking care of the hardest parts of the project: buying and cutting the wood. But we want to be sure you understand, this is still more like a woodworking project, and less like buying IKEA furniture. You'll still have to drill a few holes (which we walk you through in the instructions), line up some parts with care, perhaps sand the project, and paint or stain it if you want. But all you need is a drill and some drill bits, no measuring, cutting or mess.

Check out our Video
We've created a very detailed video walking through the assembly of the wood kit. Take a look at it before you purchase, and it will give you a good sense of whether this project is something you can handle.

The Lori Wall Bed has no Lifting Mechanism
Like all our beds, the ready to build kit is designed to work without a mechanism. This makes the project affordable and simple to build, but it means you'll have to lift the bed and the mattress up and down, by yourself or with a partner. Be sure this is something you are prepared to handle. Most able-bodied men and many athletic women can handle it themselves, but we always recommend considering a partner, especially for bigger beds.

WARNING: Because there is no lifting mechanism, you must lift and lower the bed platform with your own strength. THE LORI WALL BED IS HEAVY, AND LIFTING HEAVY OBJECTS MAY RESULT IN BODILY INJURY. Be sure to exercise safe lifting techniques, and if you are not able to lift the bed yourself, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO SO WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.

Real Wood, Natural Variations
Since our beds are made from 100% cabinet-grade baltic birch plywood, and not cheap laminated particle board created in a factory, some variation in natural coloring and appearance is to be expected.  In some cases, this kind of plywood has golf-ball sized patches where knots have been removed to improve the appearance. These patches are noticeable if you look closely, but blend in well with the project and would be completely covered if painted.The bed shown in our video is representative of they types of variation you may see, but due to the unique beauty of real wood, the kit you receive may vary in appearance from what's shown on our site.

Satisfaction Guaranteed; All Sales Final
We are committed to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with your Ready-to-Build kit. If you have any concerns, please let us know at info@loriwallbeds.com. We will work to ensure you are satisfied with your project, including replacing or repairing damaged parts and suggesting other options to remedy the situation.

But due to the woodworking nature of this project, and the size and expense of shipping, we do not accept returns or offer exchanges of ready-to-build wood kits. Once your order has shipped, it cannot be canceled. All sales are final.

That being said, please reach out to us if you have any concerns and we'll work to achieve your complete satisfaction.