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Testimonials and Success Stories

Read what just a few of our thousands of satisfied customers have to say about our hardware kits and plans. Have a success story to share? Send it to us on this page.

"I searched the Internet trying to find the perfect bed to suit my needs. This bed is amazing. Goes up and down every day. In my 550 square foot condo I needed the ability to gain needed floor space daily. This is perfect. Way easier than I thought to build. Perfect instructions. And worth every penny. If you need a Murphy bed...get this one."
--David S.

"I love my full-size Lori Wall Bed. I built it myself from your plans for about $250 a year ago, and I use it on a daily basis! It makes it so my 12x12 bedroom can be my 12x12 office/craft/game room in minutes, and it's not weird if I want to entertain guests in here either. I just make my bed, strap it in, and put it away when I wake up in the morning. Thanks for the great product!"
--Mike F.

"Looks great and it's super comfortable. Really really happy with it, thank you so much!"
--Rita H.


"Just a note to say how beautifully done the Lori Wall Bed plans are! Your wall bed will be the feature of our tiny but functional guest room/sewing room. Great idea you have here!"
--Lori J.

"I've finished building your wall bed and it came out great. I purchased the plans and the hardware kit which made it a very step-by-step build. Honestly, anyone should be able to build this if they simply follow the plans..the product is easy and inexpensive...I love that there were no mechanics and you simply lift/roll it back up to the upright position. Ours is in an extra bedroom that we will use as a photography studio when we don't have company. Thanks for making an affordable, well-thought-out product for the DIYers."
--Dave L.

"I LOVE my bed and have used it every single day since I got it :)"
--Karen E.

"I just finished up building one of your beds and it came together nicely. Thanks for the obvious effort you put into the detailed plans...it all fell right into place. Thanks again and best of luck with your business!"
--Bunny L.

"Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful idea and plans. We had a room that we needed some ideas for and we found them! A spare bedroom that is useful when we don't need the bed. We used your plans and built shelving units on the sides."
--Mike and Leslie C.

“This bed takes up a very small amount of space and looks great with the shelves. It was very easy to build, most of my time was spent sanding and staining the wood. This is the best idea for an affordable and sturdy wall bed I have found anywhere. Thanks for your product.”
--Matt P.

"I highly recommend the Lori Wallbed style of bed and the plans provided. The plans were very detailed. The bed itself is awesome. It is a simple idea for a wallbed and it works great. Fairly easy to build if you have basic woodworking skills and tools. I made another wallbed a few years ago from some other plans that I purchased online and it turned out great but it was a lot more work than the Lori bed. The Lori bed is also easier to lift up and down than the first one I made. Both beds look great but the Lori bed was so much easier and faster to build. I ended up customizing the cabinet to work with the space that I have. I highly recommend the Lori Wallbed plans to anyone thinking of making a wall bed. Thanks for coming up with this idea. Cheers!"
--Robin M.

"Had questions on the material list but received a very quick response. Can't wait to put it in spare room for grandkids!!! THANKS Lori Wall Beds!!!"
--Dirk G.

"Hi. I just wanted to say how well my Lori Wall Bed works in my Safari Lounge. The 550 sq.ft. room was built behind our house as a guest and game room. I wanted a bed for guests to be comfortable in but not to take up the entire room. My wall bed is perfectly fit for purpose. In surprising turn of events I ended up renting out my main house and now live in my Safari Lounge with my long legged Greyhound girl. That means I use my Lori Wall Bed everyday. I put it down each evening and then back up in the morning. I bought a Memory Foam mattress for it so my guests would be comfortable. Even though this type of mattress is rather heavy, I sure am glad I have it as it makes for a great night’s sleep! If I were not an especially strong person, I would recommend a regular foam mattress as they are much lighter. I have small picture that is mounted with screws above a shelf for all day viewing and another behind the mattress for evening viewing. I still need to make a trip to Ikea to get a small adjustable LED strip light and install it under the top of the casing for night reading and ability to turn off the lights from the bed. The Lori Wall Bed is perfect for guests and full time living. Asante sana!"
--Henry S.

"We're still in the process of construction. Went to Home Depot for the lumber with our little SUV. All the hardware arrived complete and intact. We're admiring your fine gallery of creative Lori's and can't wait to sleep on ours. Thank you, Lori for your wonderful and budget friendly idea. We support your nice business."
--Susanna T.

"Great hardware kit, pretty easy to follow. I'm loving it."
--Kerrie J.

"Gravitated to the Lori Wall Bed as an economical solution to our guest room needs- considering we needed to buy a mattress also. Plans were great to follow, after reading them thoroughly first. The hardware kit really made gathering the raw materials very convenient for a home-project. With the plans and hardware kit this was a very manageable project for a person comfortable with general home repairs and projects. The resulting piece of furniture looks solid, and great, and is easily customized once you get the idea of the plans. We used 3/4" ply, which added a bit of weight, but also allowed me to have a friend dowel, glue and clamp the base platform together rather than using the center board (he had some REALLY wide woodworking clamps!) Turned out great and will last as long as the house, I'm sure! With all the supporting products and at a fair cost, this is easily a great project for any level of experience."
--Olaf V.

"Once I had my cordless screwdriver working, it was fairly easy to put together. Staying lined up and measuring twice to cut once was very important, although the design was easy to adjust to our needs. I have a thicker mattress, but adjusting the design to accommodate was easy. I did the steps all out of order based on what I felt like building that day, could have been completed in one day if I wanted to do it that way. Nice plans. Mattress base is a bit heavier than I thought it would be, but no fears at all of falling with the locks and the rockers I kept flat (not rounded). Cost around $200 for the bed (this included cost of the kit from this site and wood from local store). Nice job!"
--Deanna H.

"Great bed and plans! Turned out to be a very nice bed when finished. Plans were right on. Nice illustrations. Thanks!"
--Timothy S.

"These plans were easy to read and follow. The detail provided exact materials lists and a simple step by step process. Very pleased with the product."
--Derreck J.

"Thank you for leaving extra screws in the hardware pack. Buying wood tips is very helpful. I am overall happy that I could make my wall bed with a total cost around $300. Thank you Lori!"
--Masood F.

"Lori bed was fairly easy to assemble as long as instructions are followed. I would recommend this bed to people if you have a small room."
--Gail N.

"Great bed! I have already begun to recommend to family and friends."
--Judith P.

"The best idea ever! The Lori Wall bed plans and hardware kit was the perfect thing for our family! Following the plans to build the bed was the easiest project I've ever done! Thank you so much for designing this!"
--Jon H.

"We built two! What a well thought out plan! My dad has a well-equipped wood shop so we had all the right tools to make good cuts. It was a fun dad/daughter project. My husband and I put them together and everything fit just right. I was glad I ordered the hardware kits. It saved a lot of time to have everything we needed in one box. Thanks Lori!"
--Diane F.

"Great stuff! The instructions are great. I love it."
--Trevor M.

"Lori Wall Bed building requires minimal skill. I really enjoyed the Lori Wall Bed instruction booklet and the list of supplies. I was able to bring the page with the lumber requirements with me to the lumber yard and the gentleman there easily picked out all the pieces I would need. All in all it was a fabulous experience. We had to purchase a jig saw for the project, but even with us having 0 experience on how to operate it, our bed turned out lovely. This is really one of the best written and most affordable plans I could find on the internet!"
--Stephanie O.

"It was just what I was looking for plans and hardware all in one. Everything came in one package and was fast, and it was not expensive like others I looked at."
--Andrew S.

"I recently remodeled a bunkhouse as a home office ~ 500 sq ft but didn't want to remove the bed completely. After some research, I was quite surprised at the cost and complexity to build an actual Murphy bed. The Lori Wall Bed was the perfect solution. Your plans worked well. Thanks Lori!"
--Dave N.

"Working with Lori wall beds has been such a positive experience. The staff was friendly and helpful and I would use this company again, and recommend to friends and family. Thanks!"
--Jennifer G.

"Great plans and easy to understand. Great customer service. I ordered the wrong size, (queen instead of twin), emailed customer service and was sent a link for the twin bed plans."
--Richard M.

"Great! Received everything within 4 days of purchase, would have been sooner, but a weekend was involved. Instructions are user friendly, can't wait to see finished product!"
--Lisa L.

"I recommend Lori Wall Beds. Good product, good service, good price."
--Robert G.

"We found the instructions for your bed to be very easy to read and follow. We had no problem following the plans and it took about a week to put the bed together ... We were able to change our plans for the bed and everything worked out ok ... We would make another one and recommend your plans to other people."
--Charles H. 

"I am beyond thrilled with the outcome of our bed! It is the envy of the neighborhood and suits our needs in our guest / arts and crafts / computer room!"
--Cecelia C.

Love this bed! It worked out great in the small room we have. Overall....the bed is awesome! Definitely worth the cost for the plans. It ended up costing about $150.00 for a Murphy Bed...which is unheard of!!! 
--Molette B.

Coolest piece of furniture in my house!
I just got my bed built (by a carpenter friend) in time for a big party. Everyone raved over the concept and wanted to know where/how to get their own. We used it first night for our guests. Love it! Have about 5 friends that want to follow our lead and build their own! Excellent idea!
--Jeannine M.

The plans from Lori were spot on. I modified the queen vertical plans to build a king vertical bed and it worked perfect. Love it when things come together.
--Ryan G.

This is a very nice finished product. The instructions are clear. The hardware is plenty and of good quality. I am completely happy with the bed.
--Clint M.

Love my Lori Wall Bed. The instructions were simple and the overall look is fantastic. Get compliments every time people see it.
--Eli R.

First off, buy the hardware kit! It really makes life much easier. The screws are high quality and do not strip with the unique drill bit. The plans are easy to read and easy to modify to fit what you want. I love how much easier and inexpensive it was compare to other options out there. I ended up building a vertical king size Lori bed and making the adjustments were a breeze. It's a great bed and our interaction with customer service was amazing. Thank you!
--Nathan M.

So happy I found this product. My photography studio/guest room looks great and is insanely functional!
--Shana H.

My client wanted a wall bed constructed without having to spend the average $1,200-$1,400 for a kit. I discovered Lori Wall Beds online, checked out the design thoroughly, and ordered the kit. After constructing the wall from the plans I added matching shelves to each side and my client is thrilled. Total investment less than $500. Love it.
--Jim R., Jim’s Project Solutions

We are really happy with the way our bed turned out!  
--Sarah K.

Love it and will post a video of it soon
--Tara B.

The directions were great. My husband changed the platform from plywood to tongue-in-groove and it looks excellent.   
--RoseAnn V.

Easy to use instructions, instead of using the cabinet I built mine into a cubbyhole which looks very nice!
--Edward C.

I am in love with my Lori Wall Bed.  I have it in my guest room/office, but now want to use it as my primary bed.  Unfortunately I do not have any skills or tools or the space to build it, so I hired a carpenter but the material price was very reasonable as was the labor.  I love the aesthetic of the bed and am a petite woman and am able to take it down and put it up by myself.  It is a stable bed and a solid design and I couldn't be happier with it!  Thank you, Lori and your team :)
--Paula C.

I was very happy with the Lori Bed Plans that I purchased from you. Before purchase I emailed a couple of times, and got quick, accurate, polite, and helpful responses. I had been looking at buying from another supplier, but they were a lot more expensive and two questions I asked them still remain unanswered as at today...LOL! One feature I especially liked with the Lori design was that the head of the bed can be pushed back into the box which is important when space is restricted.
--Tim R.

Good plans and easy to follow.
--Chris C.

Great design!  Works fine!  We're loving how well the design works -- our first guest arrives in a week!
--Nancy P.

This is a great concept bed and will look fantastic in my guest bedroom. I am still working with the plans and modifying the design a little as I go. 
--Robert C.

Queen Size Kits was worth every penny. All the parts I needed in one place.
--Ronnie M.

Directions are easy to follow. And it could be done in a full day.
--Mark D.

Cannot say enough great things about Lori Wall Beds. What was expected to be a nerve racking project, Lori Wall Beds made it simple with exact measurements, hardware and clear step-by-step instructions. The project was enjoyable because Lori Wall Beds made it stress free. If you are thinking about making a Murphy Bed, use Lori Wall Beds!
--Stephanie F.

We had no issues using the instructions to build the bed. Everything was very clear. The hardware kit definitely made it easier to get it done in a weekend. We didn't have to go search for anything.
--Real L.

Instant download option was very easy to use. Clear, precise instructions.
--Eda B.

I built one bed with the help of my daughter in law for their home. I have plans and hardware for a second bed which I will build and install in our summer cabin.We are very pleased with the results.
--Stephen F.

This was the first wood project that I have done. The instructions were very clear and it took me a weekend to put the bed together. If you are skilled, this should be put together in no time. I love the look and the ease of use. Highly recommended.
--Nicholas H.

Very easy to follow instructions and quality hardware kit. I painted prior to assembly, and I've been accused of being a bit of a perfectionist. We've had a couple different guests sleep on it already without a complaint. Overall very pleased with how it turned out and plan to add custom shelves to both sides for added storage. I would definitely recommend this product!
--Marc B.

The build is in progress but is coming along nicely. Thank you!
--Stacy M.

Overall experience was excellent. A simple good looking design that was very easy to put it together. Your instructions were very simple but with good details. It looks wonderful in our office.
--Robert C.

Just what I was looking for! Plans were on the money and my project came out GREAT. Looks good, quality piece of furniture. Great addition to my basement. Wish you could see it.
--Drew D.

When figuring out which bed to go with, the Lori team was super responsive and sent me the longest response/detailed response I've ever received from a support team. We ended up going with a horizontal bed, but could have done vertical after their help!
--Logan A.

Received all products and material as promised, on time and in good condition. My Son, a carpenter 40 years said, as he studied the plans, "if it doesn't fit perfectly it's because you didn't measure twice and cut once!" I will likely buy another hardware kit for another bed after I finish this one. May try for some video footage when I start construction. Thanks for a great little project and for doing all you promised
--Frank B.

We needed a murphy bed but didn't want to spend an outrageous amount. We purchased the bed and the hardware kit. It was very easy to follow the instructions from purchasing the wood to assembling the bed. It's exactly what we wanted and I've left the wood a natural color. it looks great and our guests say it's very comfortable. Total invested, including mattress was ~$500. Saved $800 - $1000. Truly happy and appreciative of Lori Bed!!!
--Norine S.

Overall experience was very good, received everything very quickly. Would recommend to all to buy the hardware package. Makes life so much easier. Took my husband and me about 5 hours from cutting wood to finishing. Looks great, pretty easy up and down and company loved it. I would highly recommend if you are looking for extra sleep accommodations, but not a lot of space.
--Sharon G.

Love the bed. easy to build. Instructions are adequate and there are videos on the web to help. I have limited woodworking experience, a drill and circular saw and was able to build this.
--Gilad M.

The plans and directions were great. I got the wood from Home Depot, and thanks to the sales man who helped me get the right product. It is important to get wood that isn't warped. I had them cut it to size as is shown on pages 12 and 13. Then my brother came and put it all together for me. He also made the cuts that were more custom than the raw lumber cuts, ie: the curves. We got it up just in time for Christmas and New Years company. I haven't stained it yet, and will probably stain it because I like the wood look. My guests were all very comfortable. It is in my studio, a second bedroom, and when closed it doesn't interfere with my work space. Love it!
--Lou A.

Good instructions and easy to follow. Once it is painted (white semigloss), I will send pics. Everybody who has seen it, loves it!
--Heidi K.

The hardware kit arrived in less than a week and was clearly labeled and organized to easily use with the plan download. The plans were also concise, easy to follow and well written, in English! I am a 46 year old single mom and I was able to complete this project in 2 days with only a little help from my 18 year old daughter during the assembly stage. I would definitely recommend Lori Wall Beds to anyone searching for an affordable solution for a multi-purpose room.
--Donna S.

The plans were easy to follow and the bed came out perfect. Just be sure to use the lightest wood possible if you plan to put it up and down often. The product is as promised and perfect for any level of skill.
--Jason D.

We bought this kit for our son for Christmas. He had done research on beds and decided this was what he wanted to maximize the space in his room. After looking around at various online options and being overwhelmed at the expensive options, I was happy to find Lori Wall Beds off an article on simple living. The construction looked manageable and the price point was exactly right! He is thrilled to be working on the project and has bought the wood, cut most of the pieces, and plans to assemble in the next few weeks. Thanks for a great product with clear instructions and beautiful results! Will keep you posted! 
--Sharon H.

Everything was very clear on what I needed from the lumber to the hardware. I have already recommended this bed setup to my friends and family. Thank you!
--Rebekah N.

I am very happy with the results of the plans I received. Thank you for your bed!!!
--Tom A.