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Great for guests

We got a queen size side-mount bed to fit under a small window in our basement office (yes, there’s also an egress window in the room). It’s nice that the bed is not attached to the wall frame so we can turn the bed vertically when it’s down. It’s heavy, but we just leave it down when guests are here.

Effectively fills a need

I purchased this bed as a way to turn my children's small playroom into a guestroom when needed. I was very impressed with the price, quality of wood (solid!), and ease with which it could be assembled (I'm a single, albeit handy, woman and put it together by myself in just over 3 hours using the instructions and video clips). It looks really nice as a shelf, and has already served its purpose as a comfortable guest bed. I did remove one star because I do see where the wood on the cabinet is starting to split at the latch lock. I filled it with wood glue and clamped it, but I'm thinking the the future when I have company I will take the bed down and leave it down for the entire visit, instead of raising it during the day. I think the repeated lowering/raising is hard on the bed and finding the position to latch it is hard on the cabinet frame. Still, I'm a very happy customer!

Amazing and easy to put together

Simply put. This bed was easy to put together. Everyone who comes in and sees it in our guest room is in awe. The natural wood is the BOMB as far as looks and design. We've been able to have a 3rd bedroom in our house that isn't just a BEDroom. It's truly a 3rd room that we can use for other purposes when we don' have a guest. We're musicians and creatives and it's awesome to have a 3rd room. Thanks Lori Wall Beds!

Great Bed

I bought this bed to put on the first floor of our beach house so the room can be used in multiple ways. It's great when we have company -- we just pull the bed down and we're ready ready to sleep 2 more. When we don't need it, we put it back up and it's out of the way -- while looking like a nice piece of furniture. We find it's very easy to maneuver. Very easy to assemble using the written directions and YouTube video, too. Those that have slept on it say it's very comfortable. Have had others order this after they saw ours.

Queen Size RTB Wall Bed (previous version, now discontinued)

Queen Size RTB Wall Bed (previous version, now discontinued)

Love It So Far

We bought a Lori bed a couple of months ago and just installed it. We haven’t yet put the mattress in, because the room is still a work-in-progress. So here’s a WIP update:

The Lori bed was the ONLY bed I could find that suited our aesthetic needs. We wanted something modern without being generic contemporary. Also liked the fact it was unfinished wood, so if we choose to add a pop of color to the space, we can.

My husband assembled the bed nearly by himself, which went smoothly, with these caveats: The front board (the one the mattress rests on) is too heavy for one person to lift off a table (which is where he assembled it), so we did that together, which is no big deal at all. Also, the screws for the shelf in the headboard area (when the bed folds down, this shelf pops up) are slightly too long, and they popped through to the other side, which is unfortunately the top side you see. He mentioned there was a manufacture note to not overtighten, but that's so subjective. Really, the screws shouldn't be long enough to pop through in the first place. This is a bummer, because we are both a little OCD when it comes to that kind of thing. Recommend grabbing shorter screws.

Overall, love the look in the space. If there’s a way too attach a picture when the room is done and mattress in, will do.

Easy to Assemble and Works Great

I wasn't sure how difficult assembly would be but I was pleasantly surprised. With two people, we were able to smoothly and quickly put the bed together. We love the look and utility of it. We never could have afforded a wall unit without Lori beds! Thank you!

We enjoyed putting this together

Purchased this for my youngest son who was visiting home for the first time in 2 years. He has the smallest room in the house and his old bed had a lot of wear and tear. My other son and I put this together in a few hours and we had fun. The bed is a quality product, is affordable, and looks great. We are probably going to paint or stain it but haven't yet.

The Lori Wall Bed

Fabulous bed!

I love the Lori Wall Bed. The assembly could not have been any simpler and it looks great in my office. Well worth the money!!

Amazing space saver

Thoughtfully designed for the easiest of assembly as well. Fit our extra thick queen mattress with ease.

Great Bed!!

I am very happy with the Lori Wall Bed. I purchased the pre-cut kit and everything fit perfectly. I added wood glue in addition to screws. I also added 3/4 plywood trim boards to frame in the front panel. This adds stiffness and also hides the seems. Finally I opted for lockable latches for added safety. This bed will last for years! Thank you.

best guest room ever

great solution to a dual use of the office.

Best Murphy Bed Out There!

After a long search for a good looking murphy bed, I am so happy we came across Lori wall beds! It looks amazing and we love the simplicity of it. The company was also great to work with through the ordering process and answered all of my questions promptly. After the bed was delivered, we noticed the box had a dinged corner and there was minor damage to a corner of the boards, and they were great to work with in resolving the issue. The bed was fairly easy to put together and we are so happy with our purchase. I think their products are so great that I emailed them after we received the bed and ask that they further develop a line of coordinating wall storage closets because I would want to order those too!

Love it!

I was thrilled to find this kit, as I could not find any Murphy Bed that I liked and all were so expensive. I love real wood and I was able to stain this exactly that way I wanted. I found their instructions EXCELLENT! and, I have assembled many, many items in the past. The instructions have a nice compliment of pictures and written instructions. I did not use the video, but I think that is a great idea.

Awesome Bed

We put this bed together to turn our guest room into a playroom (while still having the option to have a nice bed for guests). It is heavy to pull down, so we always have 2 people to lower it. We also added an additional lock on the top of the bed to make sure kids could never unlatch it themselves. It is super comfortable and easy to use. Our room is much more functional now that the bed is against the wall. The shelves are great for toy and art storage too! Love it!

It’s perfect!

The Lori bed is awesome! It’s the perfect fit for me guest room/office/exercise room! The plans and YouTube video were very helpful, only thing I would recommend would be to wear gloves when putting it together. I also love the quick shipping, the boxing, and the how it’s a bookshelf when we don’t need the bed. The only issue I had was when my dogs realized they lost their queen size dog bed while I worked! I highly recommend this bed and this company. Thanks!


Went together rather easily. Staining took more time than assembly.

Murphy bed full

Great design. Awesome bed

Love the bed. My husband said it was easy to put together. Very sturdy. It looks great when up too. 😃

great solution for small guest room

Bed arrived quickly. I had already watched to youtube video on how to assemble, so assembly was pretty straight forward. I did have to have my 14 yr old niece help me hold pieces together for some of the assembly. The shelves/bed base adds a bit of bulk to the front causing the whole thing to protrude into the room a bit, I think to shelves measure 9ish inches. This is not a problem in my space and of course it is listed on the website. Very satisfied overall

Awesome product

Easy to assemble , looks beautiful in the room . Perfect solution to our problem .

The Lori Wall Bed

I really like this simple solution

The simplicity is what sold me on this wallbed. No springs, or feet that come out.

I got the unfinished model. It is *really unfinished*. If you want to paint it as I did, you'll need to sand a LOT to get a good finish (I didn't sand enough and it's rough).

The Lori Wall Bed