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The Lori Wall Bed
C.O. (New York)
Awesome wall bed!

This wall bed is awesome! It shipes in 3 heavy large boxes. Its solid plywood, its fairly easy to build. Whats great is all the instructions are included as well as the hardware needed. Now this isn't impossible to build solo but i wouldn't recommend it there are times where resistance is needed to drill parts together. Making sure everything is flush is going to take some effort to align properly, but once you have everything lined up flush your good. The bed itself is very sturdy once its all built. The bed is very heavy so keep that in mind when lift and lowering. Lift with your legs people! My one negative about is that the wood sticks out on the platform so if scraped my shin or stub my toe a couple of times... All in all im very happy that it is wood and not cheap particle board. This is a quality product id definitely recommend it. Its awesome space saver especially if you live in the city.

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The Lori Wall Bed
Amy Albrecht (Texas)
Albrecht Lori bed review

I love that this product is solid wood, simple design and made in America. The video instructions were a tremendous help along with the written assembly instructions. I liked that all of the hardware was pre-packaged and easily identified for its use.
There are only a couple issues that I have: 1) On the 2 cabinet sides, one had the predrilled holes on the wrong side. Fortunately, the video was very clear about the sides being a mirror image and showing which side these holes should be on so we just drilled them though to correct this problem. 2) the platform assembly is very nicely designed in that the 4 platform pieces fit together only one way. The video ; however, states that you can flip it over to choose which side is facing out. We discovered if you do this, none of the predrilled holes on the vertical align so we had to drill those through ourselves ignoring the otherwise convenient pre-drilled holes. I think that it would have been better if your instructions stated that the holes will only line up for fastening in one position. If you have any questions about this we would be glad to talk with you.
All in all, I love your product! I also love the fact that some of your profits go towards reforestation.

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The Lori Wall Bed
michael kirk (West Virginia)
Easy to assemble and great quality bed

This wall bed was affordable and easy to assemble. It is a good quality bed and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The Lori Wall Bed
Gary Stoneking (Florida)
Gained Square Footage

Our spare bedroom was only a spare bedroom before our Lori Beds were installed. Now, it’s a multi-functional room because the two twin beds have disappeared! I’m so happy with this purchase

The Lori Wall Bed
Alex Johnson-Jimenez (New Mexico)
Exceptional Quality and Instructions

We absolutely love our Lori Bed. Yes, it is heavy. But the construction is fantastic! The construction video was immensely easy to follow and directions were clear. They are correct that it is a two person job in lifting and putting down the bed, especially with a Queen or King as the mattresses are much heavier.

I truly wish we had purchased a Lori Bed a long time ago! The communication from purchase to after delivery has also been stellar!

The Lori Wall Bed
Debra Myott (Michigan)
Absolutely love it!

I’ve wanted “my own room” for quite a while to do my painting and crafts. We occasionally have company in that room, so we didn’t want to totally give up the bed. We decided to paint the room before we installed the bed. I got the idea of using the shelf on the bed as the dividing mark between the two colors, then painted the bed to blend in. We absolutely love how it turned out. My husband put the bed together. He was very impressed with the quality of the wood. He watched the instruction video as he went along. He did not have any trouble putting it together. I highly recommend Lori Wall Beds!

The Lori Wall Bed
Tracy Etchey (South Dakota)

Love this bed. Was so easy to put together and amazing quality. Thank you so much.

The Lori Wall Bed
Samantha Martin (North Carolina)
6 Stars?

If I could give six, I would. The only bed company I could find that could deliver in time. And the did! Within a week! Customer service was beyond quick with questions by email. Bed was easy to assemble while following the video. We made a mistake on the “mirroring” but figured it out and fixed it. Recommend for an inexpensive manual wall bed.

The Lori Wall Bed
Linda H (New York)
Great bed

We are very happy with the bed. Bought it for a guest space in my son’s house. We are pleased with the quality of the bed frame. We bought a queen size unfinished bed, & a great mattress to go with it. I really like the way the bed isn’t attached when down. Ours is oriented “sideways” & It makes it a lot easier to get to get in and out on the inside, next to the wall.

The Lori Wall Bed
T.E.W.W. (Florida)
Room makeover

Before room was draped in painters drop cloth, was art studio change to sculpture studio / bedroom this is how it turned out. The Lori wall bed was a great addition to the room, because we have a bedroom again. This bed is a great unit no pressed wood or any vinyl veneer just solid wood ash I think, but just a great Piece of furnature.

The Lori Wall Bed
Meredith Johnson (Virginia)
Amazing Bed!

This is an amazing bed that is functional and stylish! This allowed me to make my den and office and an additional bedroom because of the saved space. An added bonus is that the company has the most helpful customer service I have ever encountered! I 100% recommend this bed to anyone!

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The Lori Wall Bed
Kiersten (Ontario)
Nice bed kit!

I’ve just finished assembling a horizontal twin wall bed, with a natural finish. Overall, I’m quite pleased. The bed went together well, and was quite manageable with one person with a drill and some patience. Total time was around 4.5 hours. Most of the hardware was good quality, though I wasn’t impressed with the included Robertson driver bit, or the screws used to attach the cabinet latches. The latter sheared off in the wood and had to be removed and replaced. Additionally, I want to highlight the great customer service experience I had with the company; my kit arrived with a damaged piece and no hardware, and they were quick to send replacements at no charge (international shipping) to me. If you are looking for a simple, no frills, well designed and easy to build wall bed, you really can’t go wrong. I’m already thinking about getting another!

The Lori Wall Bed
Ivor Hunt (California)
One person built took about four hours

Very straight forward to put together by myself and comfortable sleeping too. The platform took more time to get the panels alignment right.

The Lori Wall Bed
Sue Chamberlain (Ohio)
Love this bed - quality and cost best we found

My husband and I put this together in about and hour and a half. We wanted something a little different so I took the outside box pieces and painted them white to blend in with the other furniture, but did not want ALL WHITE. I am living with the unfinished wood on the bed portion to decide if I want to keep as is or thinking of staining with a blue/gray, but love as it is as well. It is easier to rock up and down than I feared - not bad at all. We were also afraid our thicker than normal mattress would not fit, but it was perfect. I would HIGHLY recommend. It was delivered quickly - though one box came 4 days sooner than other two but that was the delivery company.

The Lori Wall Bed
H.L. (Indiana)
Love it!!

We got our shipment quickly! All was in order! And our daughter slept on it that night!! Assembly took about 3 hours, but was easy for my husband and I to do! We are so happy with the Lori Bed!!

The Lori Wall Bed
Jim Bauhs (Minnesota)
Success with great customer support!

We chose the Lori Wall Bed (Vertical Queen) because of the real wood, family owned, USA based, and great reviews. We went with the unfinished product so that we could finish it to more closely match our existing furniture. Only some light finish sanding was needed. The finishing went well and we achieved the color we desired.

Inventorying all the parts is required and we found that we received two tops and were missing the headboard shelf. Emily, of customer service, quickly corrected this issue. Further examination of all the parts showed that the vertical trim pieces for the sides, with the baseboard cutout, are cut identical and not a right and a left. This caused us a problem as both trim pieces were clear wood on the same side and patched on the other which meant that one of the pieces would have the patched side showing. A very easy improvement would be to change the cutting pattern to create a left and right trim piece. I offered this suggestion and requested a replacement piece. Emily once again stepped up to the task and directed manufacturing to send the replacement part. Unfortunately, they sent part 16 for the wrong set. Emily quickly corrected this error and we finished our project with great results.

One other suggestion is to spray paint the supplied hardware to better match the finished product. I used a metallic bronze spray paint on all of the screws. I simply pushed the screws into the styrofoam packaging material which made spray painting very easy. The square drive did not disturb the spray paint. I also bought two bronze window latches rather than spray painting the supplied silver latches.

We have received very positive comments from people who have seen the finished product.

The Lori Wall Bed
Randy White (California)
Very satisfied

We love the product! We found the assembly video very clearly presented and had no trouble at all. We are in our 60s, and completed it in about 4 1/2 hours. The only recommendation we would make to the company is that they should provide dark colored screws for the walnut finish. The silver screws stand out too much. Apart from that we are completely satisfied

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The Lori Wall Bed
Suzanne (Massachusetts)
Great product

Came out as described! Took a while to assemble as I did it a little at a time—video was awesome. Creates much needed space in a room!

The Lori Wall Bed
Edd B (Ohio)

I bought the plans for a queen size bed a while back before you could get everything including the wood precut. I purchased my own wood and had no problem. That being said it would have been much more convenient to get everything without the hassle of purchasing the wood and cutting it myself.
Once getting the wood and cutting it to size everything went together just fine.
I am well satisfied with how well it works but it is heave but that being said I like everything about the bed, works great and much appreciated in place of a sofa bed. Would do it again if needed. In fact I am considering a twin bed for another room.

The Lori Wall Bed
Chuck McDonough (Iowa)

Bed came on time, was easy to understand instructions, all hardware was in set-up. Took me about 4 to 5 hours to assemble. Had no problems. My wife and I really like how doesn't take up so much of the room and it looks like a small dresser with shelves to set items on. Would recommend this bed to anyone. Like how folds down and still it doesn't take up the whole room. I will send pictures later as forgot to take when finished, it looks very nice in the room

The Lori Wall Bed
Linda Odom (North Carolina)
Great Wall Bed (Murphy Bed)

We are very satisfied with the end result. A wonderful addition to our spare bedroom/office. Love it!!

The Lori Wall Bed
Joseph Larsen (California)
Just what I expected

I've been reviewing Murphy beds for the past couple years in anticipation for getting one, so when my wife asked me to get one for the spare room/her craft room, I showed her my top 5 choices. Then I showed her the Lori bed which came in both horizontal and vertical styles. Once I pointed out the major differences she agreed with me that this would be a good choice for our desired price point.
Upon receiving the package (which came in 3 separate shipments a day apart) I spent the evening after work assembling it. Every part went together easily - which I'm grateful since I had no assistance - and by the time my wife got home from work out was completed and secured to where we wanted.
Not a single issue, from ordering - which was simplified by an online helper who have me excellent assistance in correct mattress recommendations - watching the assembly video online prior to arrival of the frame. It went together without any hiccups and the printed assembly instructions were spot on prefect.
I am very satisfied and would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering a Murphy style bed and don't mind an easy single afternoon project to get it together. Five stars all the way!

The Lori Wall Bed
Clay Sistrunk (Tennessee)

Very happy with this product! After assembling the bed, which was extremely easy, and painting it white to match the trim in the bonus room, I was amazed as to how the finished product looked. Very stylish and extremely handy when needed!

The Lori Wall Bed
Brian Clewes (Ontario)
A great solution

I spent a lot of time over the last six months researching wall beds, and this one seems to fit the bill. It was a really simple process to order, have delivered, and then assemble it in under an hour. As a Canadian, who has lived in the US in the past, I was both surprised and delighted that the majority of the screws were Robertson screws (a Canadian invention and the most common wood screw head in Canada), something that I have never seen in the US and used to joke with the guys at the Home Depot in Victor, NY all the time. The only tools are used were my impact wrench, and stud finder. Instructions for assembly were very concise and although I’ve read where the bed is heavy, I have a queen size with a memory foam mattress and even I had no problem lifting and storing the mattress away inside the wall bed. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a wall bed solution. It’s a low tech bed, but sometimes that’s all you really need.

The Lori Wall Bed
Happy 😊

Installed 2 beds for my kids. Took several hours each. Very happy. Very sturdy. Kids excited. What else can I say.