Lori Wall Bed Reviews

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Right in time

So I've been searching for a Murphy bed for about three months. The ones I saw in stores and online were quite expensive for something I was going to have to assemble at home. With further research I found Lori's and everything about it worked out great. The ordering process is simple. Their communication is incredible, the shipping was quick, and the product is impeccable! Putting the bed together was fun to do. You cannot go wrong with this product.

Perfect choice for our small spare bedroom!

We love our new twin wall bed! It is perfect for our small office/workout/guestroom. We had a twin daybed in there before and wanted something that took up less room as we don't get a lot of company.
While he was putting it together my husband kept commenting on the quality of the wood and how well everything fit together! The video was helpful, but the printed out instructions were sufficient for him.
We ordered the unfinished wood and I whitewashed it to match our light colored room. It looks great!
Highly recommend Lori Wall Beds!

Great solution for a small space

When we ordered the Lori bed, we were looking for something (relatively) affordable to replace our guest bed with that would allow us to keep our current mattress and used non-toxic materials. We have a shared office and really needed more space in there. The Lori checked all those boxes so we ordered it! Overall we are very happy with it. It did take a few hours for both of us to assemble the bed, and it’s heavy to put up and take down without an assisting spring system but shouldn’t be a problem for two people. I wish they sold it in white because after all that we also have to paint it now but it’s nice that you can opt for your own colors! I’d recommend this for someone looking to use a Murphy bed system on a budget. It’s comfortable, well made, and we are excited to have more space in our home!

Great for office/ guest bedroom!

I managed to slowly put a queen wall bed by myself over the course of two weeks. Used the video plus printed out instructions. My family was so impressed when they came to visit! They enjoyed sleeping on it and helping me with the final touches. Looking forward to using this great piece of furniture for years to come.

Great bed

Took my time putting it together, I liked the video better than reading the instructions, but that's just me, I could watch and pause it through the whole process it turned out great, used the cardboard that it shipped in to set it up for staining, thank you for a great product.

Guest room answer

Great alternative to spending $$$$ on particle board murphy bed. Perfect DIY project and very comfortable and easy to use. Saved us so much money making it ourselves. Directions were simple to follow and finished product looks great! Looking forward to hosting lots of company.

Easier to assemble than a traditional Murphy bed

We put together a more traditional Murphy bed about three years ago, but this Lori bed is a piece of cake by comparison. We purchased the unfinished horizontal queen, and stained/polyurethaned the wood to match the rustic decor of our pueblo-revival style home. We two senior citizens took a leisurely approach and put the bed together over the course of three evenings. We were short a couple screws for the mattress platform, but we were able to find suitable substitutes at Ace Hardware. Helpful hint #1: Countersink the screws in the platform to avoid the screw heads tearing up the bottom of your mattress. The only frustration involved the supplied drill bit used for making the frame. It is two sizes too small for some of the tasks, such as creating holes that allow the frame pieces to snug up to each other when you screw them together. The screw must pass through the first piece cleanly, thus only biting into the attaching piece (woodworking 101). If this isn't done, the screws will actually cause the two boards to pull apart when you attempt to attach them to each other. Get yourself a bit two sizes larger than the one supplied, and you'll be golden. That same supplied bit is also too short for other tasks along the way, so it would have been nice if it were a tad longer. But these are minor things that were easily overcome with a little Yankee ingenuity. Overall, we had a satisfactory outcome, and the bed is perfect for our needs in an occasionally-used guestroom.

Great Bed!!

I am very happy with the Lori Wall Bed. I purchased the pre-cut kit and everything fit perfectly. I added wood glue in addition to screws. I also added 3/4 plywood trim boards to frame in the front panel. This adds stiffness and also hides the seems. Finally I opted for lockable latches for added safety. This bed will last for years! Thank you.

Best Murphy Bed Out There!

After a long search for a good looking murphy bed, I am so happy we came across Lori wall beds! It looks amazing and we love the simplicity of it. The company was also great to work with through the ordering process and answered all of my questions promptly. After the bed was delivered, we noticed the box had a dinged corner and there was minor damage to a corner of the boards, and they were great to work with in resolving the issue. The bed was fairly easy to put together and we are so happy with our purchase. I think their products are so great that I emailed them after we received the bed and ask that they further develop a line of coordinating wall storage closets because I would want to order those too!

Love it!

I was thrilled to find this kit, as I could not find any Murphy Bed that I liked and all were so expensive. I love real wood and I was able to stain this exactly that way I wanted. I found their instructions EXCELLENT! and, I have assembled many, many items in the past. The instructions have a nice compliment of pictures and written instructions. I did not use the video, but I think that is a great idea.

It’s perfect!

The Lori bed is awesome! It’s the perfect fit for me guest room/office/exercise room! The plans and YouTube video were very helpful, only thing I would recommend would be to wear gloves when putting it together. I also love the quick shipping, the boxing, and the how it’s a bookshelf when we don’t need the bed. The only issue I had was when my dogs realized they lost their queen size dog bed while I worked! I highly recommend this bed and this company. Thanks!

great solution for small guest room

Bed arrived quickly. I had already watched to youtube video on how to assemble, so assembly was pretty straight forward. I did have to have my 14 yr old niece help me hold pieces together for some of the assembly. The shelves/bed base adds a bit of bulk to the front causing the whole thing to protrude into the room a bit, I think to shelves measure 9ish inches. This is not a problem in my space and of course it is listed on the website. Very satisfied overall

Such a Deal!

The bed is assembled, finished in a nice cherry stain, and installed in my husband's office - also known as the guest room. The bed came together nicely with one small oops. We received two of the mattress support slats #3 instead of one of each (1,2,3, & 4). LoriWallBed staff responded quickly to my request for the correct piece and it arrived within days of my plea. The assembly was greatly aided by watching the video several times. One of the things we learned was that as the bed is being moved into the storage position the rockers slip on the carpet. We remedied this with gluing on sand paper to the bottom rockers' curve. As others have stated, this is heavy. Being retired geezers, it takes two of us to lower and raise the mattress support.

Attached is a picture of the completed masterpiece. With the staining materials plus the price of the bed the total was under $1,200. Such a deal! Otherwise, we would have needed to pay over $3,000 for a cherry Murphy Bed.

Space Saver

I am very happy with the Lori Wall Bed. It is in the lower level of my daughter's home. We use it when we visit as do other friends and relatives. It was delivered promptly. All the pieces were there and fit properly. My husband and I assembled it with no issues. It looks great in the room. I would certainly recommend this bed to anyone looking for a space saving piece of furniture.

Wonderful addition to our play/guest room!

A wonderful addition to our play/guest room! Great weekend project if you plan on painting it yourself. (I painted it before putting it together which made it go by faster). My husband is pretty handy and had no issues putting it together and said the YouTube video was very helpful. I love that we could customize it to make it work for our space. (Overall from start to finish it may have take 7-8 hours at most for painting, staining, assembly and custom touches) . Good quality wood and very sturdy once it was put together.

If I can build it, you can, too!

I'm a 60-year-old woman, fit but no Wonder Woman, and I put the Lori Wall Bed together myself. Got some help from my husband with the heavy repositioning and with putting on the latches, but otherwise it was just me and my cordless drill. The video was a huge help. I watched it all the way through first, and then in parts as I built the bed. The hardware is clearly packaged and labeled. They send everything you need. It took me two days to put it together, mostly because I had to recharge the drill. Then I painted it white. If I were doing it again, I would paint the pieces first. I am very pleased with how it turned out. The website recommends an innerspring mattress, but I did a lot of research and found a queen gel/memory foam bed-in-a-box that weighs far less than most innerspring mattresses. I also got some beautiful wall decals to add art to the space above the mattress. Overall, it looks great! I'm having my first guests in about two weeks, and can't wait to impress them!

Once-a-Year Bedroom to Everyday Project and Playroom

We've had a great experience with the Lori Bed. We purchased the kit which included the hardware and the pre-cut wood for a vertical queen bed. We had a bedroom on our main floor that was used about once a year for guests to spend the night. With the upstairs bedrooms seeing more use as we grow our little family, and with the main living space filling up with toys and books, we had run out of places to sit and do work (both professional and personal). We didn't want to lose the ability to welcome guests into our home with a private space to stay, but we were desperate for a place to use our computers and to be creative. The Lori Wall Bed was a great fit - we discovered it while searching for more traditional "Murphy Beds", which turned out to be quite large and rather expensive. One perk of the Lori bed is that you can finish the wood to match other furniture in the room. In our case, we set up desks, a bookshelf, and two wall-mounted cabinets, all of which were a lightly stained birch - darker than unfinished wood, but not as dark as "golden oak". We used a sample piece of wood from the new furniture to make a custom matched stain, and spent (admittedly a long time) staining and applying polyurethane to the pieces. With that out of the way, the actual build was great. Each set of hardware comes individually packaged and labeled to ensure that you use the right screw on each step. Most of the holes required are pre-drilled in the cut wood panels. It's definitely not as simple as "IKEA" or other flat-pack furniture, and you'll definitely need some space to do the build. For me, it was a good match to my skillset - I was comfortable with finishing and staining, but not with cutting and routing. Now, a room that saw use once a year as a guest bedroom has been transformed into a creative space that gets used and visited everyday, and without costing thousands of dollars in the process.

DIY Wall Bed Kit (previous version, now discontinued)

The instructions and plans are very well laid out! The one tip, I would like to express, is label the ply wood right and left so you can insure that you don’t end up with two rights or two lefts! Having a helper would also be a huge benefit!

DIY Wall Bed Kit (previous version, now discontinued)
Side Queen version

I found the directions to be comprehensive, but made a couple mistakes when it came to assemble the sides of the shelf. I had the gap on the wrong side and had to disassemble after gluing. Pay close attention to the instructions. All said it came out very nice and is well worth the effort.

DIY Wall Bed Kit (previous version, now discontinued)
Practical and economical solution!

I decided to buy the plans and hardware but purchase my own wood to save on cost. The directions and videos were thorough and easy. In fact, My father commented how the videos were some of the most well/explained and presented how-to videos he has seen. After following the directions, the bed fit together and operates perfectly!

DIY Wall Bed Kit (previous version, now discontinued)
Excellent Instructions

The bed went together as planned with no real problems. I substituted a single edge-glued pine board for the top, routed the edges of the shelves and shaped the shelves and bullnoses with an S curve instead of a round corner (of course I kept the round corner for the bottom since that is the pivot point). I countersunk the screws that are visible on the two shelves and filled them by gluing 3/8 inch dowels into the holes and then cutting the dowels off level with the shelves using a flush cut saw (an invaluable tool).The plywood edge is visible at the front of the cabinet, if I made this again I would make the plywood sides 3/4 of an inch narrower so I could attach a 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch piece of solid wood that matches the wood used for the trim.

Selecting the best style Murphy bed to meet my needs

I chose Loribed because it was made of wood not vinyl covered pressboard. Also cost was a factor, I wasn’t going to spend close to $3,000 for a wall bed. I was pleased by how quickly my order was shipped and the condition I received it. I was also pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the pre-drilled holes and t the relative was of assembly. I used the download instructions as well as a YouTube video. Very helpful. The only down side was that I had a few simple questions but couldn’t talk to an individual, had to email several times to get answers that a five minute conversation would accomplished.

Great guest bed for our home!!!

The Lori Wall Bed kit was SO EASY to assemble! It took me longer to stain it than it did to build. I had to trim the 4 short side-trim pieces to make the trim flush with the bed frame but besides that it went together perfectly!
What a great room saver!!!

DIY Wall Bed Kit (previous version, now discontinued)
Crystal clear plans

I bought the DIY hardware kit. The instructions are totally clear and helpful, leaving no doubt what is required from step to step. The hardware is good quality, and it definitely saves time when you only have to go to the store for the lumber. As a Canadian, I was VERY happy to see the package come with Robertson screws (square shaped screw head). Coming from the States I was definitely expecting to find Phillips head screws. The build took me roughly 3 days at a leisurely pace: I gave myself a day to select lumber and cut the wood, another day to build the cabinet, and the last day for the platform. All in all the build was a good experience and I'm very happy with the end result.

DIY Wall Bed Kit (previous version, now discontinued)
Love the finished product

I ordered the queen size plans not realizing that my mattress was a full size mattress. I sent an email to Lori Wall Beds and they sent me the full size plans... no questions asked! That is excellent customer service! The bed is a great space saver for our guest/granddaughters room. Now the granddaughters will have plenty of play room. I painted the bottom part of the cabinet with chalkboard paint. I love the outcome!