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Awesome bed

I ordered this bed and it is beautiful. I’m in a one bedroom apartment and this bed has allowed me to use the room as a dining room. Sounds crazy but it works. My dining table without the leaves is the size of a desk. Since the bed folds up when I need to expand the table I can. It is hard for me alone to close it but my son has no problem. It is very well made. A great find!

Perfect For Our Guest Room

We love our new Lori Bed! Shipping time was accurate and my husband and I were able to assemble our whole bed in one evening! The quality is wonderful and customer service was quick and helpful when we had questions. The instructions are very clear to understand and the assembly video made the process a breeze. The bed is heavy, so I wouldn't recommend this as a solution for someone who will need to lift this up and down alone frequently. Absolutely recommend!

A Whole New Space

We purchased a Lori Wall bed earlier this year and got it a lot faster than expected! Over the past couple weeks, we stained all of the individual parts and bit and did the final assembly this weekend. The vertical Queen bed was far easier to assemble than initially planned and turned out amazingly well.

WE have successfully converted our Guest room to a fully functional Guest Room/Pelaton Space. I couldn't be happier with the Lori Wall bed and the space it has given us. It is like we have a whole new room in our home.

Kids are excited!

Purchased the bed for the room that my grandkids use. It is a small room and I wanted maximum floor space for them to play, so the be seemed like a no brainer. They can't wait to sleep over now. Still finishing up with the painting, but we added some fu LED lights to the inside and we are adding an additional hasp at the top of the bed so that it will be difficult for them to open it without an adult. Safety first!

Great Bed, Easy to Assemble.

The bed went together without much issue. Working with the directions we printed out and the assembly video on the website, we didn't run into any issues. We were able to assemble the horizontal queen bed in about 4 hours. Definitely need two people to make assembly go easier.

Having all the extra screws of each type was very helpful, as we had one get bent when my drill slipped. One thing we learned was to make sure that when you set the box up against the wall, be sure the sides are level before attaching it to the wall. We didn't, and had to use a block of wood and a hammer to move the bottom to one side to get the sides level.

We had one of the side panels that was not cut straight. We were able to hide it because it was up against the wall, so it is not visible. The only other issue we had was that some of the panels had patches on both side, so we had to pick the side with the fewest patches.

Absolutely love our horizontal Lori bed! It's really opened up our one bedroom apartment and given us more freedom to enjoy our space. The installation process was well described and fairly simple. It took my partner and I a few hours. I highly recommend this company!

Very sturdy. And good quality.

I love the bed frame. Very sturdy and quality is good. I'm a man and usually workout 3 times a week. Only negative would be that it's heavy to lift with the mattress on. It's not something to fold and unfold on a daily basis.

Great fit

We've been looking a murphy beds for a year while our studio (man cave/she shed/guest cottage/sewing room/ yoga space) was under construction. We wanted a queen bed size, but space was limited in our 12x16 bldg and our budget was tight. A friend had given us a brand new queen mattress that was 12" thick, and most murphy beds only accommodate 11" and were nearly twice the price with the functionality of added shelves. I posed a pic of our space on Facebook asking for suggestions and another friend mentioned a Lori wall bed. Couldn't be happier for $1500...and the shelves are built in as part of the foundation. Wish we could submit a photo. Rebecca & Michael

Perfect for Flex Room

project requires patience and strength if completed alone. If you follow steps and stay organized end result will be successful. Please note that weight of mattress determines ease in closing.

Fit Our Needs Far Better Than Other Options

The Lori Bed met a need we had, and in a way none of the other options that were 2-3 times the price were able to do in as cool and simple of a way.

Lori Bed

We love our new Lori Murphy Bed. We have a small house and put the bed in our office space. We were very impressed with the solid quality of the wood. Upon delivery one piece was cut too short. And we understand, things happen. I am so impressed how customer service responded immediately and promptly expedited shipping of not one, but two boards of correct size. Construction was straight forward. Queen size mattress fits great!

Horizontal Twin

I've wanted a murphy style bed for some time now and chose the lori wall bed after much deliberation. I am completely satisfied with my decision. The assembly was a breeze with detailed instructions and the finished product functions as described. It is brilliant in its simplicity of design and perfectly functional without issue. I opted for the unfinished version and painted it myself which was a bit tedious but turned out great. If I were to do it again, I'd order it pre- finished.

Great product

The directions were easy to follow and it turned out great. It made our guest bedroom into a functional home office as well. Very happy with this product

Love it!

Solid. Looks great.

Great instructions.

We're really happy with the Lori bead. The instructions were simple enough and the video online was super helpful. I would definitely recommend having someone help you put it together. It's pretty heavy and can be a little awkward to move around, but overall, a great piece and perfect for our small room.

Very happy with the bed and it’s been in use since we got it together. Would be nice to include screw covers so everything looks seamless.

Easy to install, easy to use, very well made

We purchased the horizontal twin. Very easy to build and install. Very easy to use. Sturdy materials and correctly cut/drilled. It looks great! We just need to paint it and add some decor.

One person and carpet friendly - super quick shipping

I have been searching for wall beds for my smaller guestroom that is now becoming my home gym for over a year and could not justify spending 2-4k on a bed. I found Lori bed and watch the video and figured I wouldnt find a better price. I put the queen size vertical bed together myself with no help. It wasnt difficult, if you've put together ikea furniture, you can do this. At the end, when you place the mattress and have to lift, did make me nervous because there are no mechanical parts and it is very heavy, so there were times I was afraid I may lose my grip or that it would fall on me. I did run into an issue with my mattress. I measured my pillowtop mattress and it came in exactly 12in, so I thought I wouldn't have any issues but I did. Only one side of the bed would lock. The second you locked one side the other side popped out about 2 inches(see pic with close up of lock). But buying another mattress after spending 1,200 on a bed wasnt an option. So if you run into that issue, go grab two 2x2x8 boards(2x4 cut in half) and cut them down to about 83in. Place one board on each side, secure with wood glue and the remaining 2.5in screws in 3 to 4 places and attach the safety locks and it works like a charm. It fit perfect and gave my frame that extra 2 inches. The only thing I will add is two additional window sash locks on the bottom of the bed so that it sits flush and a bit more secure. Over it took me 4 days total to complete, but if my power screwdriver didn't keep dying and I didn't have to figure out how to make my mattress sit flush, this could be done in one very long 8 hour day or a regular two day weekend.

Exactly what I was looking for!

I wanted a Murphy bed for my 3rd bedroom so I can use it as a gym (we only use the bed 2-4 times/year) but I didn’t want to spend $3000+. This was perfect as I’m not afraid of assembly. Having done many ikea assemblies, I went in skeptical abs was very impressed by the directions, videos, pilot holes and extra hardware! We split it up and did the cabinet one day and the rest the next. The only minor issue we had was with the locking hardware. We installed the hook part to close to the edge and the bed wouldn’t clear it so we had to move them down and try again. 2nd attempt was good and original holes were easily covered with a varnish marker. Only other negative thing is the washer head screws that are visible on the exterior. Otherwise amazing and definitely worth the time and money.

Very Pleased with this purchase of Lori Wall Bed

After researching several wall beds, my wife saw this one on line which was much more affordable and still looked great. If you don't need the lifting mechanism in the more expensive beds, in other words, if you can lift the bed up yourself or with a partner this is a great option. Also, the directions and the video are so easy to follow, anyone can put this together easily in one day. I would recommend this bed to anyone looking for an affordable wallbed. This enabled us to be able to actually use our guest room for other things when we don't have any guests which is almost all of the time.

Deceiving Pictures, ok quality

The pictures and testimonials online make Lori beds seem like the greatest thing ever. After getting our bed and getting it assembled I was sadly disappointed with the quality. The bed fits together well enough but for what we paid I could have done a better job myself in my shop just didn’t have the time, I guess that’s what I get for trying to take the easy way out. I was expecting a good quality built product but this seems no different than any “assemble yourself” furniture you could buy from Walmart or Target. I’m happy we bought it still and we’re able to support a small business and not a large store and I’m sure the bed will hold up nice just not what we were hoping for.

Hi Steven, thank you so much for your review. We are so sorry to hear that we let you down. Someone from our team will reach out directly to discuss your experience and see how we can help.

All the best!

Lori Wall bed

I am satisfied with the Lori Wall bed. The only thing is that it is heavy for a petite person to put up. Need two people also I was sent two of the same packages. They had to send me the missing parts. My husband had no problems setting it up. Very easy instructions.

Great Value and Quality

Our Lori wall bed went together very easily and looks great in the space. Amazing price and high quality wood. Highly recommend.

Great solution for my guest room

I needed more space in my guest room and this wall bed was the ideal solution.
It was easy to build, It took me 4 days because I was busy with other things and took my time building it.
With the mattress on it is heavy, but I go to the gym and lift weights so I can handle it with no problem.

Love it!!

Great quality of wood and pretty easy instructions if you read them and not just look at the pictures 😆. Very happy with this purchase all around