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The Lori Wall Bed
Anonymous (Texas)
Good Bed - Solid, heavy and made in the USA

Concept and Design (A-)
Generally very good. This bed it well conceived. Eliminating the hydraulics and springs is a great idea. I will give the designers one slight ding on the safety locks and sharp-edges on several exposed pieces in a critical location. After it was all assembled and I trying the bed for the first time, I bumped into a sharp corner, an exposed rocker, about mid-bed. The corners are sharp and exactly where a person will hit them. You will hit this with your leg as you swing of of the bed if you don't know what to watch out for. There are two of these on each side. These exposed rockers definitely should be covered with a smooth material or finished out. One other problem; the pre-drilled screw holes on the "latch-side" force the "catch" side to be installed too close to the seam between two panels. You cannot put screws where they need to be on the "catch" side. I re-drilled the factory holes on the "latch" side and it works but I was sweating millimeters.

Shipping (A+) The bed is well packaged and protected.

Finish (A+) We chose white and it is an excellent finish.

Video (A+) (very good video and you need to watch it multiple times before starting)

Printed Instructions (A -) Generally good. We wrongly-assembled the two side panels but caught our error early on. The whole concept of "mirror image" is worth noting though. "Mirror Image" on the side panels does not mean exactly alike. It means opposite (like a mirror). That sounds logical, but somehow I missed it first time out of the chute.

How long to assemble: (B) Ha! It took my wife and I almost 9 hours. Yep! I was surprised. I am not an everyday carpenter, but I do have average or better DIY skills. This thing took a long time to assemble. I suggest not to hurry it though. Also, we were working in very cramped quarters. NOTE: The provided square drill bit is a cheap piece of junk (they only provide one bit) for securing all the screws. You will most likely need to plan a trip to the hardware store for a second square drill bit. The instructions don't tell you this, but our screws were required a #2 square bit. I chewed through the included bit in about 45 minutes. I quickly bought a new DeWalt bit that lasted the rest of the project with no discernible wear. The included square-head screws are just "okay" quality. The bit slipping out of the square holes as you drill deep into the wood, was a common occurrence for me. Maybe it was the operator and maybe it was a combination of a cheap bit and let's say, average quality hardware. Dunno! Just pointing out that this bed is made in the USA, but I bet the square drill bit was not.

Manufacturing (B+): There were two miss-drilled holes during manufacturing; one caused a screw to miss a bullnose (I think we can make it look right with filler and touch-up). Given how many pre-drilled screw holes there are, it could have been much worse. It would have been much worse if this had been made of MDF.

Sturdiness (A++): Oh yeah!!! This is a solid wood, USA-made, bed. High quality. The paint-job is marvelous.

Phone/email Support People: (A++) I did not like the idea of rows of screw heads showing on the front side of my project, so I challenged their Customer Experience Manager (Danielle) for a good solution to cover the washer-head screws. I was preparing to countersink these holes and she recommended white, plastic screw-cap covers and flat bottom washers. She provided this link (see below). They look pretty good (see attached photos; I think they look better than exposed screw heads). Besides, I don't think I would have ever matched the surface with putty-filled countersink holes. I recommend this solution to cover the screw heads: http://www.pro-dec.com/White-SNAP-CAPS-12-12-100. I ordered fifty but that was overkill. I used less than half that many.

Bed Heaviness - can you lift and lower it? I am an average-build, 70 year old male (no weight lifting in my background). Once assembled I had no issues lifting or lowering a twin bed with an average mattress by myself. I am convinced though that my spouse (average build and strength) could not. I could probably lift a queen, but it would not be easy. This whole issue of lifting should be a consideration before buying. There are no hydraulics and no springs to assist the lifting part. It is all done with large bull-nose curved pieces that "rock" the bed into place. That said, you do have to lift the dead weight from zero degrees (flat on the floor) to a 90 degrees in the stand-up position. Consider your strength or if you will have someone to assist.

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: Actually, I really am satisfied with this company and their product. This is a well-built Murphy-bed and it is easy on the eye. Mine is installed in my home-office. This is not a high-end piece of furniture, but it is not meant to be either. YES - I would buy it again.

The Lori Wall Bed
Mike L. (Tennessee)
Solid bed at a great price!

It only took me about 3-4 hours to assemble the horizontal queen size bed frame on my own. The instructions were clear, but watching the YouTube video prior was extremely helpful. This bed frame is very solid and looks like it will last a long time. We are very happy with our purchase!

The Lori Wall Bed
Jane (North Carolina)
Guests were happy!

We had 3 weeks notice that some relatives were coming to stay for 3 nights. We had nowhere to put them, but had been talking about buying a wall bed for some time. This became the opportunity to make it happen! I searched the web for beds and could only find those made of particle board that looked like an upright coffin when packed away. I finally came upon Lori Wall Beds and was excited! Not only was this made of solid wood, reasonably priced, and the design allowed for a shelving system when stored, but it would be shipped in 48 hrs!! I couldn't believe it. I ordered the prefinished white, since that would be the color we wanted anyway. It was at my doorstep in 4 days. It took us longer to clean up the room it was going in, than it did to receive it! It took my husband and I about 4 hrs to put it together (he's an engineer and had to be SURE all the predrilled holes were perfectly lined up) The design, directions, and video were very helpful. Suggestions for improvement would be 1) slightly reduce length of screws used to put supports on the underside of the bed because when we screwed them in, they went THROUGH to the front face of the shelving side. Can't undo that once it happens. 2) include some type of plastic protector for the outside edge of the shelving. When the bed is being used, it sticks out so far that legs and feet run into it on the floor (Ouch!). 3) It would be nice to be able to attach the bed (when down) to the frame so the shelving edge/floor support does not move and scrape up a wooden floor (would not be needed with carpeting). We bought a new mattress as well, and everything was ready for our guests with time to spare!! They thoroughly enjoyed their visit and slept like babies.

The Lori Wall Bed
Tristan (Michigan)
Good bed

The bed was great, solid and didn’t take terribly long to put together. However the shelves stick out the sides of the bed when it’s down and have gored 3 people since we built it. As well piece number 17 needs extra care to not miss the pre drilled whole and drill through the side, it’s the only step that came with that kind of risk. It doesn’t look too bad but in a perfect world I’d have to reorder piece 17.

Hi Tristan,

Thank you so much for your review. We really appreciate the feedback on the front shelves, as we are always looking to improve on our product and take that very seriously. Someone from our team will reach out directly about your #17 piece and see how we can best help out.

All the best!

The Lori Wall Bed
Jeffery Gainsley (Ohio)
Satisfied purchaser

Well engineered, solid wood, wall bed. Beautiful walnut stained wood finish over birch plywood. Predrilled holes made assembly much easier than expected. Versatile with shelves.

The Lori Wall Bed
Donna Davis (Texas)

We love our new Murphy Bed! We had no problems putting it together!
Our only recommendations would be to put some kind of protection on the end of legs/shelf or round the corner off. When making the bed I rammed my leg right into the sharp wood.
Great quality! Thank you!

Thank you so much for your review and that feedback! We really appreciate you sharing that and will reach out directly to see if we can offer some suggestions on that.

All the best!

The Lori Wall Bed
Kristen Ageton (Florida)
Twin size natural wood wall bed

Great quality, actual real wood! So used to China crap these days, I was very pleased with the quality of this product made in USA!! Went together real easy, directions very legible, just took a little time for me doing it alone, the petite young woman I am.. lol, but definitely doable.. good product, would recommend! My only problem is I still need to anchor it into my cement wall and I can’t drill the holes very well... but I will get it done.. someday..

The Lori Wall Bed
Irene C. (Ohio)
I would recommend it.

I would definitely recommend it. It takes time to put together but at the end it looks great and customized to your taste. And the customer service is great.

The Lori Wall Bed
Leona Strizich (Washington)
Queen vertical

Perfect solution to our guest room/ office. We now have the space to take care of guests when they visit and space for projects when they aren't visiting. My husband and I put it together without an argument😉. Would totally recommend. Lori bed also provided me with additional latching for additional safety. Wonderful customer service.

The Lori Wall Bed
Tina Nieri (Arizona)
I LOVE this Bed!

I was looking for a way to make my extra room into a cozy place for company to sleep but I also need the room for yoga classes and work outs. This bed fit every one of my expectations. I removed the doors, shelves and hardware from the closet and fit the twin bed into that space and now I have the entire floor space open. My room looks beautiful BECAUSE of this bed!
The video directions were super! I put 85% of it together myself (I am an average size woman at 5 '4") but needed help with a few things just like the video said. I love the simplicity and quality of the bed. If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I am 100% satisfied.

The Lori Wall Bed
Paul H (Georgia)
A nice bed

We recently down sized and was looking for wall bed to utilize for guest. The Lori bed was a great choice! It arrived quick, instructions for putting together we're easy to follow. We choose to get product unfinished and I sanded and stained product myself. Wife loves it and I still have my office!

The Lori Wall Bed
Kirsten Peterson (Indiana)
Love it! Wish I would have don’t this sooner!

Arrived fast, clear easy instructions, love being able to personalize it. Heavy duty well made bed.

The Lori Wall Bed
Freddy Torres (Florida)
Lori wall bed

I appreciated the updates on when the bed would arrive as well as the PDF emailed instructions to build the bed. Details in the instructions made for less frustration while building. The bed looks great and is great quality. We got the natural wood and stained it after a couple of days Thank you!

The Lori Wall Bed
David Wilson (Texas)
Awesome Bed

I ordered the bed and it arrived within a week. It seemed a little intimidating at first but I used the instruction guide and the video. It did take about 6 hours with 2 of us working on it. We did take our time and didn’t rush the process.

One tip I have is when trying to align all the pre-drilled holes; I put a long thin nail in the holes before putting the screws in to just make sure the holes lined up properly. They did.

It is heavy so you may need some help holding things in place while the other person screws things together.

I would recommend this bed to anyone!

North Little Rock, AR

The Lori Wall Bed
Molly Cain (California)
The perfect solution

It only took my husband a few hours to assemble the bed, though his being a contractor had to help. It has opened up our guest room beautifully, as it only gets used occasionally. Solid, cabinet quality plywood. It is pretty heavy, so you have to be able to handle that aspect. We are totally satisfied!

The Lori Wall Bed
Heidi Oliversen (Wisconsin)
Lori Wall bed is awesome!

Ordered my bed and received it promptly. All materials were in good condition. The written instructions and the video were extremely detailed and helpful! Had to wait for my brother to come into town to do the install. It took him less than 4 hours to complete. He is sleeping on it, and snoring, as I type. Thank you veryvery much! It is a perfect guest room bed.

The Lori Wall Bed
Natalia (Florida)
So happy with my Lori Wall Bed!!

This was the PEFECT solution for my office/guest room. It leaves the room so spacious when I use it in my day to day as my office and then converts into a very comfortable guest room with a queen bed as needed. I'm really happy with the design as well. It does not feel bulky and I like the shelf to arrange decorations as well. I hired a handy man to help me put it together and he was able to knock it out in about 2 hours. Lastly, I'm a 115 lb woman and it's definitely heavy but I can manage. I can take it down on my own but do appreciate having my guest help me put it back up once they leave. If I had to do it myself, I could.

The Lori Wall Bed
Jeanne Moore (Tennessee)
Quality and Service

The Lori Wall bed was just what we were looking for. Something simple for our spare room with a second use, not just hiding a mattress. The quality was as promised. And the customer service was quick to respond to our comments. Our concern was that if you intend to use the full/queen size with a full mattress there are no conversions to the full size. It is built for a queen, the full size mattress will leave some of the platform overhanging when in use, making it easy to bump or scrap your leg. Customer service was very receptive to our comments and suggestions on their product. Very satisfied 🙂

The Lori Wall Bed
Candyce Davidson (California)
We LOVE our bed ❤️

Our bed is perfect! The directions and videos are very clear. A video with the horizontal bed would be helpful, but we navigated just fine with the vertical video. Danielle was super helpful getting it shipped ASAP as we needed this bed quickly.

Thank you!

The Lori Wall Bed
Ashley (North Carolina)
Nice wall bed

The bed came very well packaged in 3 different boxes. I ordered the walnut stained vertical bed in queen size. The finish is gorgeous. I knocked off a star because the edge banding on the shelves is obviously not real wood. It is some sort of plasticky material that melted when I dragged it over a rug to flip it. It's not too noticeable but def not what I wanted for my $1500 bed. Assembly wasn't TOO bad, but it was pretty annoying at times.

Thank you so much for your review, Ashley. We are terribly sorry to see that damage to the edge banding. Someone from our team will reach out directly as we'd love to help with that!

Thanks again and all the best!

The Lori Wall Bed
Deborah J King (Minnesota)
Great process.

I love the shelving! The bed is not able to be lifted by one person. It is too heavy.
I was just going to polyvinyl it but due to the wood grain in one panel I cannot.

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for your review! If you'd like some help with that wood grain, we are happy to help. Someone from our team will reach out directly to see how we can best help!

All the best!

The Lori Wall Bed
jg (Kansas)
A great bed!

We received our kit very quickly. Two boxes came first and the third came a few days later. Everything was in good shape, packed well and everything we needed was in the kit. Three of us put the bed together in about three hours. The directions were complete and easy to understand. Having the video support was great too. There is a bit of incongruence between the written and video instructions, but nothing that gets in the way of the assembly of the bed. We appreciated that there were extra screws etc provided. The only suggestion I would have is to put an extra square drill head in. Ours was getting pretty worn by the end of installation. The bed is installed and waiting for a mattress, but we have put it up and down multiple times to get the hang of it. It's heavy like the description indicates, but the two of us have no problem handling the manipulation of the bed so hopefully with the addition of the mattress it will be no problem for us. Looking forward to our first guest. Thank you for a product which is as described and of great quality.

The Lori Wall Bed
Samantha (Texas)
Fun project!

This was such a fun project! All the instructions and videos were simple and easy to understand and the pre drilled holes lined up like they were suppose to. Zero issues and turned out so cute. Only issue is it is so heavy. Not one thing you can do about that though. Not a fault of theirs, just be prepared. I bought the queen. I can lower and raise it on my own, but I bruise my thighs lowering it.

Thanks so much for your review, Samantha! We are sorry to hear about having troubles lowering the bed. We do always recommend that two adults lift and lower the bed since it's heavy and there's no lift assist in it.

So glad to hear you are loving the bed and the assembly went well for you!

All the best.

The Lori Wall Bed
Ines Lamkey (Virginia)
Lovely product and customer service!

We were trying to find a wall bed that fit 3 criteria: good quality, good looks, and good pricing. Luckily we stumbled upon Lori Wall Beds (we had to dig further to find it) and were so happy it met our criteria, as we are skilled enough to assemble the furniture, but not to create one of our own, or to assemble one with all the coils many wall beds come with. This was just what we needed, but the look is so customizable, that was the best part! We didn't need to hire labor to put the bed together and put it together by following the video and manual instructions, step by step, just myself and my husband. We were not very skilled with the anchoring part, so for that we used their suggested Task Rabbit app, and were so pleased with that option, as it was unfamiliar to us, but worked out great, and the anchoring was done in 30 minutes for a queen-size bed. After it was anchored, we liked the natural look so much all we did was use the satin polyurethane option (3 coats) to make it really nice.
We also loved how the customer service was great, with so much detailed information on their website and the agent we spoke with before buying the product.
I cannot say enough good things about this product. It's now in our office/guest room, and we just had our first guest this weekend, and she raved about it, almost as much as we did.
Thank you for this most excellent product!

The Lori Wall Bed
Alex Schnautz (Indiana)
Great space saver

While I haven't attempted sleeping on this bed, it's opened up our downstairs playroom wonderfully. We stained it a dark color (a long, slow process), and the natural wood grain looks wonderful with a clear coat on top. Assembly was very straightforward, though it would be nice if the screw heads could be covered in the end.