The Lori Wall Bed – FAQ

How does the bed work without a lifting mechanism?

We are the only Murphy Bed company on the market that has successfully eliminated the complex, cumbersome lifting mechanisms found in traditional Murphy Beds. The result is a lighter, smarter, safer, and more efficient product.

The Lori Bed simply "rolls" up and down along the rounded wooden rockers on the floor, which allows for seamless lifting and lowering of the mattress platform.

Most able-bodied people will be able to lift the queen bed on their own, especially if you've selected a lightweight mattress. If you have any concerns about lifting it safely, always lift with a partner. We strongly recommend against pregnant women and children operating the bed.

How long will it take me to assemble the Lori Wall Bed?

It will take less than 1 hour to assemble your Lori Bed! We’ve created a simple and strong design that makes it easy for anyone to assemble.

You will need a hand-held Philips head screwdriver, a 7/8” wrench, and a rubber mallet or hammer and a small block of wood to complete assembly. No specialty or power tools required.

What does “Unfinished” mean?

Our Unfinished Lori Beds are ready for your unique design and touch. An Unfinished bed comes ready to be painted or stained at home and is the perfect option for those that want their Lori Bed to match a specific décor and don’t mind a little extra work.

Painting or staining your Unfinished Lori Bed is imperative to ensure that the wood is protected and will not warp overtime. It will take time -- about 4-8 hours with drying time included.

If you’d rather us do the work for you, we also offer a variety of fully finished options as well!

What mattress should I use on my Lori Bed?

You can use any mattress you’d like, keeping the following things in mind:

  1. Maximum thickness of 12": Choose a mattress that is 12” thick or less to ensure it will close properly.
  2. Go light with your mattress! Recommended maximum weight of 80lb for Queen and 50lb for Twin. Since you will manually operate this bed, keep in mind that even an extra 10-20lbs on your mattress can make a big difference in how heavy it will feel. The lighter the better!

Conventional inner spring and latex foam mattresses tend to work best for Lori Beds. Some edge support on the mattress can be helpful as well, to prevent sagging or deformation of the mattress over time.

Still need help? 

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