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We know that many folks don’t have the ability to build their own Lori Wall Bed, because they lack the time, space, or tools. With those folks in mind, we’ve put together this guide to How to Find a Builder. By following the steps below, and using a little common sense, you can get help from a carpenter or custom furniture builder to build your Lori Wall Bed just the way you want.

Step 1: Decide What You Want
Have a look through our website and gallery for ideas, and get a good picture in your mind about the look of the bed you want. Some things to consider:

Step 2: Place an Ad
After you get a general sense of what you want, it’s time to find some candidates. Our favorite way to start is by placing an ad on your local Craigslist page. Craigslist is free, local, and a great way to find these types of craftsmen. Post your ad in the Labor Gigs section.

After thinking through all your options, your ad may look something like this:

We are looking for a carpenter, cabinet maker or custom furniture builder to build us a bed from the website www.loriwallbeds.com. We’ll need someone to purchase the wood, cut the pieces and assemble the bed according to the plans we’ve purchased. We’ll also want the bed (painted/stained) and delivered to our house in (zip code or town).   

If you’re interested in giving us a quote for this project, please reply with a little about yourself and some photos of past work that can give us an idea of your ability. We’ll reply with a copy of the step-by-step plans and more specifics about what we want so you can give us an accurate quote.

Step 3: Spread the Word
After you’ve placed your ad, you can do some additional work to help people find it. Do a search in the “Services” section of Craigslist for keywords like “carpenter”, “custom furniture”, “custom cabinets”, etc. These folks can be good candidates for your project.

When you find an ad for someone who may be a good fit, reply to their ad with something like this:

Hello, we saw your ad on Craigslist and think you may be a good fit for a custom furniture project we’ve posted. We’d love it if you took a look at our ad, and send us a reply if it’s something you’re interested in. (paste in the link to your Craigslist ad).

You can also do a Google Maps search for the same types of folks in your area. When you find a local website for someone who looks like a good candidate, send them the same message and link to your ad, through their online contact form.

Step 4: Get Some Quotes
With all this work, you should get several replies from competent craftsmen. But you’ll probably also get some replies from folks you wouldn’t want to trust, so have a look through their messages and photos, and decide which ones deserve further discussion.

Your message may look something like this:

Thanks so much for replying to our ad. We’d like to get a quote from you for our project.

We’ve attached the step-by-step plans to this email, which should give you a good idea of the work involved. We will also provide you the hardware kit from the website, so that all you should need to buy is the wood and (paint/stain).

We’d like you to use oak plywood and hardwood for the project OR We’d like you to choose a paint-grade/stain-grade wood (ie, the most affordable wood that looks good either painted or stained, depending on what you want OR We’d like you to choose a lightweight wood that is still durable (Note: your goal here is to indicate whatever wood preferences are important to you.)

We’d also like you to paint the bed. We’ll provide you a color chip from the hardware store. OR We’d like you stain the wood with a matte finish (specify whatever color you're looking for) OR We’d like you to provide the bed to us unfinished, so we can paint it ourselves. (Note: your goal here is to indicate how much paint/stain work the builder will have to do.)

We’ve attached some pictures of the general look we’d like to achieve. We’ll also need you to deliver the bed to our home in (town/zip code. Don't give out your exact address yet) and give us a hand carrying it up the stairs and anchoring it to our wall. (Note: include anything here that you might want help with.)

In your quote, please include separate lines for (1) wood cost, (2) labor cost, and (3) delivery cost, if any. We’ll want to agree to a fixed labor and delivery cost, and then pay your actual wood cost based on the final receipts. (Note: this quote method ensures you get exactly the quality of wood you want, and that the costs are transparent. Unscrupulous builders could quote you a price, and then use the cheapest wood, keeping more money for themselves.)

Please also let us know the approximate lead time to complete the project, and if we can clarify any other information. Thanks so much for taking the time to quote our project!

As an extra step in your research, if you want, you can also request references.

Step 5: Choose Your Favorite and Get Started!
After you receive your quotes, compare them. Consider price of course, but also consider who seems the most professional, competent, and easy to communicate with. You’ll likely need to pay some of the cost in advance to get started, with the rest due upon completion of the project.

Beware a price that is much lower than the others. As everyone knows, you get what you pay for!

Step 6: Enjoy your Lori Wall Bed!
Let us know how the process goes for you, and we hope you enjoy your custom Lori Wall Bed for many years to come!