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We Think

It's Pretty Simple

At Lori Wall Beds, we believe something very simple: Murphy beds should not cost a fortune.

We created the Lori Wall Bed so no one would ever have to waste money on an overpriced Murphy bed again.

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Designed to Be Different

Lifting Hardware is the Problem...

Why are other Murphy beds so expensive? Simple: it's the lifting mechanism. They require elaborate springs and metal frames, which are expensive and complex to manufacture. And, they are cumbersome and dangerous to install.

That's why, over a decade ago, we designed a Murphy bed without a lifting mechanism and created something better and much more affordable: the Lori Wall Bed.

The Lori Wall Bed is the Solution

We realized we could save customers a ton of money by building a Murphy bed without a lifting mechanism. A bed you simply lift and lower with the help of a friend. A bed made with real wood and real American craftsmanship. And now that's what we spend our lives doing for our customers.

We're proud of this commitment, and it's what has made the Lori Wall Bed one of the most popular Murphy beds in the world.

Any Room Can Be

The Guest Room

We don't think you should have to sacrifice a whole room in your house just to have guests over once in awhile. The Lori Wall Bed is designed to be a functional part of any room.

Now your home office, home gym, craft room, or kids playroom can be the guest room, too!

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It's affordable, but

Don't Call it Cheap

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Step by Step

Our mission is to put the wall bed within everyone's reach, so we've designed step-by-step plans that make assembling the Lori Wall Bed a breeze. Each part of the process is detailed with pictures and explained in plain English, and you can also follow along with our detailed assembly video.

Works Everywhere

The Perfect Fit

We offer beds in both Vertical and Horizontal orientations. Vertical beds have a more traditional sleeping arrangement, while horizontal beds can fit better in rooms with less space or a lower ceiling. 

Finishes for Any Decor

Our pre-finished Lori Wall Beds complement any color scheme in beautifully-finished real wood. Or, buy an unfinished Lori Wall Bed and paint or stain it whatever color you choose.

Your Guests Can

Sleep Tight

The Lori Wall Bed sleeps like a real bed, because it works with most normal mattresses.

It's so comfortable, you might discover your guests just don't want to leave.

Upgrade your guest room

Ready for Bed?

Have more questions? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or read reviews from some of our many satisfied customers.

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