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The Lori Wall Bed.

The Lori Wall Bed is the simplest, most practical and most affordable do-it-yourself Murphy bed available anywhere. Named for Lori Moore, its creator and our company founder, the Lori Wall Bed provides all the important features of a wall bed in a stylish package. Read more to discover what makes the Lori Wall Bed unlike any other Murphy bed.

Simple Idea.

The Lori Wall Bed is a very simple idea: a wooden cabinet with a bed inside. When the bed is upright and stowed, it looks and functions just like a bookshelf. When you are ready to sleep, unlock the front panel and lower the bed to the floor. The shelves on the front serve as the legs of the bed, holding it up off the ground.

Designed to be Different.

This design completely eliminates the most difficult and expensive part of the typical Murphy bed: complicated lifting mechanisms. While these systems are nice when they work properly, they consist of springs and pistons that must be installed perfectly to work well. This also means all the surrounding cabinetry must be perfectly square and aligned. And when you consider that these lifting systems carry a lot of tension and can be dangerous to install, until now the space-saving benefits of a Murphy bed have been out of reach of all but the most experienced woodworkers or those looking to spend a few thousand dollars.

The Lori Wall Bed avoids all these issues by making double use of its front shelves. Not only do they act as the legs of the bed, but the rounded design near the floor allows the bed to roll smoothly up and down using your own body strength. No expensive hardware, no extreme precision required. We are the only wall bed to use this simple method to avoid the complication and expense of mechanical lifting mechanisms.

Our customers love this simplicity, and it has helped us become one of the most popular do-it-yourself murphy beds on the market.

Stylish Storage.

The Lori Wall Bed is designed to be a functional part of your home, whether you use it every day or just a few times a year. The shelves on the front of the unit are strong and stable, and give you extra space for books, pictures or toys when you aren’t using the bed. No other wall bed offers this kind of flexibility.

Affordable, but Never Cheap.

The Lori Wall Bed is one of the most affordable ways to get the space-saving benefits of a wall bed in your home. By building yourself from commonly available materials, and avoiding expensive hardware, most folks build their beds for between $200 and $400.

But make no mistake: the Lori Wall Bed isn’t cheap furniture. When you’re done you’ll have built a piece of 100% real wood custom furniture that will look beautiful in your home and last you and your family for many, many years.

Step by Step.

Our mission is to put the wall bed within reach of everyone, so we’ve designed step-by-step plans that you can follow to build your very own Lori Wall Bed. Each step is detailed with both words and pictures. We also provide hardware kits that put all the screws, straps, hinges and other hardware you need all in one place so you don’t have to spend hours in the hardware store and shopping online.

Make it Yours.

The beauty of building your own Lori Wall Bed is that every part of the bed can be tweaked and adjusted to your own desires. While our plans provide instructions for the basic design, the bed can be built out of virtually any species of wood and painted or stained any color you like. Feel like making it a little taller or deeper? Just add a few inches here and there. Over the years our customers have added trim work, folding tables, quilt bars and all sorts of other features to their beds. Other folks have built extra shelves on the sides or even used the Lori Wall Bed as the center of a full set of built-in shelves. Your murphy bed is only limited by your imagination. Check out our photo gallery to get some inspiration!

Good Night’s Sleep.

The Lori Wall Bed works with any normal mattress to provide the kind of sleep you’d expect from a real bed. Any mattress will work, though we advise steering toward the lighter foam and innerspring mattresses and away from the incredibly heavy memory foam.

Time to Get Building!

Have more questions? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or read testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers. Ready to build? Visit our Shop for everything you need to build your own Lori Wall Bed.