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Buying Wood

How Wood is Sized
Lumber is commonly referred to by its rough-cut size before milling, but is actually slightly smaller after it is milled. For example, a 2x4 board (“two by four”) is actually only 1 ½” inches thick and 3 ½” inches wide. We’ve included both the common name (2x4) and the actual size (1 ½” by 3 ½”) into the shopping lists in our plans. Check when ordering your wood that the actual sizes of the wood you’re buying match the actual sizes in the shopping list.

Where to Buy Wood
For most folks, there are three main places to buy wood.

What Species to Buy
There are dozens of possible species of wood you could buy for your project, but we recommend a few for their combination of beauty and affordability. In all cases, avoid “pressure treated” wood which is for outdoors and not suitable for indoor projects.

Selecting Good Boards
This is a key step if you’re buying from a hardware store, or a lumber yard where you can select boards yourself. Because wood is a large percentage water when harvested, the drying process can cause twisting and warping. Hardwood from a mill will be “kiln dried” reducing the chance for this warping. But hardware store lumber often faces these issues.

To select good boards:

Getting Your Wood Home
This can be a challenge if you don’t own a truck, but here are some tips.