Lori Wall Beds

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Building Techniques

Tackling a project like the Lori Wall Bed can be challenging, especially if you're new to woodworking. We've collected the videos and resources on this page to help you learn some of the basic techniques that will help your project go smoothly. Have other questions about the building process? Visit our FAQ page or send us a message.

Selecting Lumber
Selecting good quality boards is one of the most important parts of any woodworking project. Boards that are twisted, crooked, or split will cause nothing but headaches. The video below shows some simple tricks for identifying good and bad lumber.


Cutting Straight Lines
It's critical that you have the ability to cut straight lines in your plywood sheets for this project to turn out well. With a tablesaw, it's easy. But not everyone has one of these rather expensive tools. The good news is that it's easy to build a straight-edge cutting guide for use with a circular saw or jigsaw. See the video for a classic method that we use in our shop all the time.


Making Curved Cuts with a Jigsaw
The rounded pieces of the Lori Wall Bed allow the bed to "roll" smoothly down into place without the use of any complicated mechanical systems. Cutting these curves can be tricky. The video below shows how to use a jigsaw to make these cuts without any trouble.


Drilling Pilot Holes for your Screws
Pilot holes are holes you drill before you put the screws in. They help keep your wood from splitting, and guide the screw in straight. You can also countersink your screws, which allows you to fill the holes with wood putty afterward. The video below demonstrates these techniques.


Preparing Your Project for Stain or Paint
After your project is built, take a few extra minutes to sand and fix any imperfections before you stain or paint. The video below shows how you can prepare your project for staining. If you are painting, apply a primer rather than a pre-stain conditioner, or use paint with primer.