Original Bed Assembly

Looking for instructions for our 2.0 Bed?

The instructions on this page are for our Original Lori Bed. If you purchased a 2.0 bed, please visit our instructions for the 2.0 Bed.

Not sure which bed you have? If you ordered your bed on or after May 16, 2022, you most likely have a 2.0 bed.

Assembly Process

The only tool required to assemble the Lori Wall Bed is a power drill, which can be purchased from many online retailers for $30 or less. No prior woodworking experience is required

For one person working alone, it will take 4-6 hours. If you assemble it with a partner, it will take much less time, closer to 2-4 hours.

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Assembly Instructions

Click any image below to view the assembly instructions PDF for the selected Lori Wall Bed.

Assembly Videos

Quick 2-Minute Overview of Assembly Process

Full 27-Minute Step-by-Step Assembly Video