What To Look For In A Murphy Bed

Considering buying a Murphy bed to compliment your home? If so, you aren’t alone - Murphy beds have become increasingly popular over the years. But with endless options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which Murphy bed is the best purchase option. This ultimate buy guide will tell you everything you need to know about buying the perfect Murphy bed for your home.

What is a Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds are a great way to maximize space in a room. Because they fold up, they easily create flow and function for a room, while giving yourself or guests a comfy place to sleep.

Murphy beds offer numerous benefits to homeowners and renters, including:

Save Space: Live in a home with only one bedroom? Or perhaps you live in a studio or small apartment? A Murphy bed is the perfect choice for creating and saving space within your home, while also giving guests a place to sleep when they visit. And because they fold upwards, you give yourself a lot of extra space to use as an exercise area, office, playroom, or anything you want!

Multifunctional: One of the best things about a Murphy bed is they aren’t just a bed. They can also be a bookshelf during the day, or a place to store things. This ends up helping you to reduce clutter and keep things organized (which is really important especially if you have limited storage space).

Types of Murphy Beds

There are several types of Murphy beds available. The type you decide to purchase should be based on your specific needs and the amount of space available.

Horizontal Murphy Beds

Horizontal Murphy beds open up horizontally, and have a shorter, but wider, cabinet. If you’re looking for a bed to fit into tight, narrow spaces or a room with very low ceilings, a horizontal-type bed is the best option.

Vertical Murphy Beds

Opposite from horizontal beds, vertical beds open just as the name states - vertically. These are ideal for rooms that have higher ceilings because they take up less horizontal wall space.

Some Murphy beds are available with both horizontal and vertical options, making them more dynamic for if you decide to ever place the Murphy bed in a different room.

Free-Standing Murphy Beds

If you’re renting a home or apartment, a free-standing Murphy bed could be the best choice as there is no need to drill holes and mount the bed to the wall.

Built-In Murphy Beds

These types of beds are built into the surrounding walls and furniture.

Revolving Murphy Beds

A revolving Murphy bed can spin out from behind furniture. A bookshelf is commonly connected to these beds.

What To Look For

There are a few key features you should always look for in a Murphy bed:

Easy Assembly

First and foremost, the type of Murphy bed you purchase should be easy to set up. This means it comes with detailed, straightforward instructions (in the form of video and print) and a very basic setup structure overall. It should also contain wood pieces that are precision-cut, along with the necessary screws, locks, bolts, and strap to keep your mattress in place. Everything you need should be available at your fingertips with your purchase.

High-Quality Materials

A Murphy bed should be durable. This means it’s made from real wood, rather than flimsy materials that break within months.


The ability to customize the look of your Murphy bed is a huge plus. From staining to painting, some Murphy beds (ones made from 100% wood) enable you to choose the color of your choice. This means it will seamlessly fit into a room in your home from not just a physical standpoint but also aesthetically.


Your Murphy bed should not cost a fortune. It should be affordable while also being durable. Some beds on the market cost thousands of dollars, but quality Murphy beds that are reliable and well-designed can cost less than $1,000 and offer payment plan options.

No-Lift Mechanisms

One of the reasons why some Murphy beds are so expensive and unaffordable is because of the lifting mechanism. This feature requires elaborate springs and metal frames, which increase the price for the bed since those parts are generally complex to manufacture and therefore pricey (not to mention very difficult to install). A Murphy bed without a lifting mechanism will be much more affordable, is easy to install, and won’t damage your baseboards.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Your Murphy Bed

Before making your Murphy bed purchase, the most important thing to do is make sure your Murphy bed will fit into your room. Measuring is a crucial part of the buying process, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve listed below a few things to keep in mind when measuring for your bed:

  • Ceiling Height: Make sure to measure the height of your ceiling from the ground up, this way you can be certain that your Murphy bed will fit into the room.
  • Lighting Fixtures/Ceiling Fans: Do you have ceiling fans overhead? If so, you’ll want to ensure the Murphy bed height doesn’t interfere with the fan.
  • Doorway Location: Make note of where your doors are located and how far they swing open. This also includes closet doors.
  • Windowless Walls: Do you have windowless walls in the room? Your Murphy bed should be placed against the wall without windows, especially if it needs to be mounted to the wall.
  • Electrical Outlets: Make note of where the electrical outlets are located, so that the bed isn’t limiting access to them.
  • Wall Studs: If your Murphy bed will be mounted to a wall, you’ll want to ensure the wall has wall studs and understand where they are located. Marking the location ahead of time will help. However, if your wall does not have any wall studs, wall anchors are a good substitute.
  • Wall Material: Do you have brick walls or drywall? Depending on which you have will impact which types of wall anchors/tools to purchase for the installation.
  • Low Profile Heater Vents: It’s generally a good idea to ensure the area where you place your Murphy bed isn’t blocking any vents due to fire hazards.
  • Painting and Staining: Do you want to have the option of painting your Murphy bed? If so, consider Murphy beds that allow for this level of customization.
  • Floors/Baseboards/Molding: When it comes to baseboards and molding around the room, there are a few things you can do:
    1. Remove the baseboard.
    2. Leave the baseboard and cut a baseboard notch. A baseboard notch is a cut-out at the back base of the Murphy bed cabinet, which allows it to be installed flush with the wall over the existing baseboard without cutting into or removing the baseboard. Some Murphy beds come with a baseboard notch cut-out, making the installation process even easier.
    3. If you want to preserve your floors, baseboards, and molding, you’ll want to select a Murphy bed that does not have a lifting mechanism (lifting mechanisms often require tension near the base of the bed to lift the mattress).

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