What Is a Queen Murphy Bed?

Gone are the days when a fold-out bed was considered nothing more than a rickety metal contraption. Today, there are many choices available for those in the market for a Murphy bed. Modern wall beds come in multiple sizes, orientations and finishes, which can complement the design of most rooms in your home.   

Many of today’s Murphy bed models, such as Lori Wall Beds, are high quality pieces that can allow underused spaces to transform into stylish and functional living areas. The Queen/Full Lori Wall Bed is a popular choice.  

One reason is because the frame can accommodate both a full-size and queen-size mattress, making it easy to upgrade when the time is right.   

Here is a guide to Lori’s Queen/Full Murphy bed models.   


  queen murphy bed

There are two orientations available for a Queen/Full Lori Wall Bed.   

Vertical Murphy beds are slightly taller. Closed, the vertical model is 83" High x 64" Wide x 23" Deep. Open, the model is 10" High x 64" Wide x 105" Deep. It’s approximately 60 pounds to lift, plus half the weight of your mattress.  

The horizontal model is wider and shorter, which is ideal for smaller spaces with lower ceiling height. Closed, the horizontal model is 64" High x 84" Wide x 23" Deep. Open, the model is 10" High x 84" Wide x 46" Deep. It is roughly 63 pounds to lift, plus half the weight of your mattress.   

Lori Wall Bed models don’t use complicated spring systems to lift and lower the bed frame. But each unit is light enough to raise and lower with the help of a partner.    

queen murphy bed

Mattress Size  

Each Murphy bed cabinet can accommodate a specific maximum mattress thickness, which is listed in a product description. The Lori Wall Bed can accommodate any mattress that is 12 inches tall (a relatively thick mattress) or less.   

There are no shortages of these size mattresses on the market and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right fit. In fact, a normal thickness ranges from 9 to 12 inches. Retailers like Amazon, Overstock and Walmart all offer a variety of options — though Lori Wall Beds recommends steering clear of any mattress weighing over 100 pounds.   

Keep in mind that you’ll also be storing linens and possibly pillows, which may increase the thickness of your mattress by an inch or two.  

One of the greatest benefits of the Lori Wall Bed Queen/Full model is that it fits a double or a queen-size mattress. Start with a double and upgrade to a queen mattress when it meets your needs.   

Do you have a specific question about buying a wall bed? Feel free to reach out to us directly at info@loriwallbeds.com. You can also browse our selection of Lori Wall Bed models here.      


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