Move Over, IKEA: Here’s Why 100% Real Wood Murphy Beds Are The Future Of Furniture

PSA: If you are in the market for a Murphy bed and considering IKEA, stop! A quick Google search for Murphy beds may give the impression that the Swedish furniture company offers a selection of Murphy beds. Don't fall down the rabbit hole. IKEA doesn't sell Murphy beds. Sure, there are internet "hacks" out there that describe how to use an IKEA bed to DIY a Murphy bed, but IKEA doesn't have a comprehensive product line of ready-to-install real wood Murphy beds. 

And do you really want to trust your sleep and safety to a cobbled-together particleboard hack?

Investing in Real Wood Beds

Purchasing a bed is an investment in your health. Sleep plays a critical role in good health and well-being. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, getting enough quality sleep helps safeguard your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. Taking the facts into consideration, DIY internet bed hacks don't make the cut. 

Quality is king, but factors, such as ease of installation and affordability are also top considerations when purchasing a Murphy bed. The Lori Wall Bed is 100 percent real wood, making it a Murphy bed that checks all the boxes. Here's a purchasing guide. 


The Lori Wall Bed is an affordable Murphy bed, but it is not IKEA-type furniture. Let's face it, even if IKEA sold a ready-to-install Murphy bed similar to the Lori Wall Bed, it couldn't rival the quality. 

IKEA furniture is generally made from particleboard (aka sawdust and glue) with a laminate finish, which is simply a sheet of plastic glued on top of the sawdust panel, giving the material a finished look (often white). This kind of furniture is generally associated with college dorms and starter apartments, where you're really looking to furnish on a budget. 

But why settle for good enough when you can have great at an affordable price point? Additionally, IKEA has also had several high-profile recalls over the years that have called its quality control standards into question. 

The Lori Wall Bed is crafted from 100 percent real wood and manufactured, packaged, and shipped by a dedicated team right here in the USA. Each bed is made from cabinet-grade baltic birch plywood, ensuring its stability and durability. The company offers a range of pre-finished Lori's Wall Beds or an unfinished model that can be painted or stained to the color of your choosing.

Customer review for our real wood beds

As customer Romy Maloon states: 

"I was surprised by how comfortable the bed platform is. I've been sleeping on Ikea junk for years and did not realize how good it feels to be on a solid wood frame. I recommend this bed as both a space-saving measure and a surprisingly comfortable piece of solid furniture. Love it!"

Installation & Support  

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a Lori Wall Bed is the ease of installation. Here is where the company's innovative and original design truly shines. Unlike the traditional Murphy bed, the Lori Wall Bed has no mechanical aids for lifting and lowering the platform. This eliminates cumbersome and expensive metal spring mechanisms that make the bed difficult to assemble. Instead of using the force of springs or pistons, the Lori Wall Bed can be lifted and lowered by hand using your and your lifting partner's strength. The system is both clever and simple. 

It's not a struggle for anyone to install a Lori Wall Bed thanks to its lack of a complicated spring mechanism. The company's printable step-by-step instructions make it easy to install in less time than it takes to go shopping for a mattress. They even offer an assembly video walk-through online. Plus, the company's responsive team can help with any questions you have during the assembly process. 

Over the past ten years, Lori Wall Beds has delighted thousands of customers. You won't be disappointed.

Bottom line: The team is committed to providing a great buying experience for every single customer.


Price is an important consideration in any major purchase. That is why Lori Wall Beds built affordability into its mission statement. The first thing you'll find on the company's website is its declaration that "Murphy Beds shouldn't cost a fortune." 

Unlike its counterparts on the market, the Lori Wall Bed's design allows for high-quality at an affordable price point. Forgoing outdated metal springs or pistons not only simplifies the design but also saves on the bottom line. 

The creator of the bed, Lori Moore, found that designing out the metal lifting mechanism eliminates one of the biggest costs. Instead of using the force of springs or pistons, the Lori Wall bed can be lifted and lowered by hand. And as a result of this nifty design, the company was able to pass those savings on to the customer. Models start at less than $1,000 compared to traditional Murphy or wall beds that can cost several thousands of dollars. 

Customer review for our real wood beds

As one satisfied customer, Nancy Stewart summed it up: 

"We used the instructions we printed off the internet and within three hours we had it up (and down). This is a project that almost anyone can do. I am so excited to finally have something that can be put away when not needed and still look nice."

Quality, ease of installation, and affordability make the Lori Wall Bed a smart buy. Unlike other furniture stores or online retailers, like IKEA or Wayfair, Lori Wall Beds specializes in one well-made product. Its team of associates are true experts in the subject and can help with everything from determining the best bed to fit your space to helping with the installation. 

Did you learn a lot from this post about real wood beds?

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This post was first published in 2020, but it was updated in 2022 just for you. 


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The Lori Bed is the Most Reviewed Murphy Bed in the World

With 20,000+ happy customers and 2,000+ 5-star reviews, we know you'll love our bed.

We stand behind that belief with our industry-leading 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

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The Lori Bed is the Most Reviewed Murphy Bed in the World

With 20,000+ happy customers and 2,000+ 5-star reviews, we know you'll love our bed.

We stand behind that belief with our industry-leading 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

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