Lori Story #3: Murphy beds and the American Revolution

An hour along the coast from Virginia Beach lies Yorktown— a town saturated in history that hosts battlefields and beaches. For its quaint, colonial charm, Miriam and her family of four call it home. In its own way, Miriam’s four-bedroom house has its own history— her kids have grown up there and her family has spent years creating memories inside its walls. Of all the rooms in their house, Miriam describes their “everything room” as holding a lot of sentiment. The everything room is situated over the garage and boasts a large sectional couch, TV, and a treadmill that sits in the corner. Its most recent addition is the Lori Wall Bed.  

Yorktown Virginia Murphy Bed

The everything room is the activity hub for the Gotthardt family. It’s where they gather to watch movies, commune with friends, and host guests. Depending on the day, the room serves as a playroom, home gym, or guest bedroom. In efforts to maximize space in her family’s multipurpose room, Miriam began a murphy bed search. With a murphy bed, she figured she could add more space to the room without compromising its functionality.  

Her family landed on the Lori Wall Bed for its affordability but also its entrepreneurial story. When the bed arrived, her family spent a couple of hours putting it together. Miriam and her daughter painted while her husband put the pieces together. And in one afternoon, the everything room was transformed. By night, her kids pull down the bed to watch horror movies, and during the day, the shelves of the Lori Wall Bed house pictures that enhance the room’s family feel.  

 Yorktown Virginia Murphy Bed open

The Yorktown port is home to the last battle of the American Revolution. The town is a place where the founding fathers gathered, and history was created. In such a colonial area, it only makes sense that one of Miriam’s husband’s favorite hobbies is metal detecting. Yorktown hosts metal detecting events, where hobbyists are allowed to treasure hunt for historical artifacts in sectioned off areasRecently, one of Miriam’s husband’s friends from upstate New York came to stay with them for a metal-detecting event. During the day the two friends searched for historic treasures in Yorktown soil, and at night, the Gotthardt’s were glad to host their friend in their Lori Wall Bed.  

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