Install a Murphy Bed and Other Clever Ways to Give your Home More Space in 2021

 Is your humble abode feeling a tad stuffy? With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, who wouldn’t want a little extra space to spread out?  

Whether you’re working with a 500-square-foot apartment or are needing one or more rooms in your home to serve multiple purposes, the key is optimization. Solving small space problems can be easy, affordable, and even chic. These clever home décor accessories and furnishings will allow every inch of square-footage to reach its fullest potential. 

Ready-To-Install Lori Wall Bed 



Products that serve double duty are among the most creative ways to discover bonus space. Murphy beds speak to the concept of optimizing a room. Modern models like the Lori Wall Bed are designed to be a functional and stylish addition to any room, tight or otherwise. It is an answer for those seeking to maximize a small space, and also for those who need one room to meet multiple needs.  

For example, an underused guest room can easily become an office or a home gym by installing a wall bed. Simply lift up the Murphy bed and you’ll gain two well-defined and distinct spaces. Instead of using the force of springs or pistons, the Lori Wall Bed can be lifted and lowered by hand using your and your lifting partner's strength. When folded up, the Lori Wall Bed even has chic storage shelves on the outer face.  

Cutting Board with Strainer 


This cutting board and strainer hybrid from Amazon simplifies meal prep while taking up much less space than a traditional colander. The two-in-one kitchen accessory features 2-1/2-quart strainer that is removable and collapsible for easy storage.  

Plus, its non-slip rubber edges grip to surfaceskeeping the cutting board securely in place during use, while raised edges direct juices toward the center basket, which can be used separately as a colander. Bonus: it’s dishwasher safe! 

Over-the-toilet Storage Unit 

bathroom storage


Limited storage space in the bathroom is a common headache for homeownersOver the toilet shelves from Amazon are an excellent solution. Made of real wood, the storage and display unit fits seamlessly over anstandard-sized toilet. This space-saver comes with four cubbies for displaying decorative items or towels, plus a closed cabinet for storing toiletries.   

Malta Reversible Sectional with Ottoman 

coach with storage

This beautifully designed Malta Reversible Sectional with Ottoman from Way Fair features a traditional crafted sofa with large plush pillows and seating in light and bright hues. Kick your feet up on its pretty and plush ottoman with secret storage. Ottomans are a great solution to a small space storage problem because of their versatility. They can serve as bonus seating, as a coffee table or a side table, all while concealing clutter. 

Floating Nightstand  floating nightstand

If you don’t have enough floor space in your bedroom to accommodate a traditional cabinet or storage unit, look to the walls. Made of steel with a clean white finish, this wall-mounted nightstand from Wayfair is great for space-challenged bedrooms. The nightstand has a single, roomy drawer that provides ample storage for books, reading glasses and other nighttime essentials. Mounting floating shelves is a genius space-saver that will keep you organized in a chic way. Not only can floating shelves help with decluttering, but they can also double as creative wall art. 

Fold Down Workspace  

fold down work space

Available from Crate & Barrel, this wall mounted workspace folds out to provide ample counter space for activities and folds up to serve as the cabinet when not in use. Optimize your office space or use it as an extra meal prep area in the kitchen. Plus, it features a handy blackboard for writing down to-do-lists, grocery lists or could even be a fun art space for your kids.  

Miles Kimball Slim Storage Cart 4 Tier 

There is hidden space in your house that is often overlooked. For example, the space between your fridge and kitchen cabinets. Make the most of it, and gain additional storage, with this thin rolling shelf from Amazon. It can also be used between your laundry machine and the wallin the garage next to your car or wherever you have a tiny sliver of unused space. 

Shoe Wall 

 Elfa Décor White Shoe Wall

Keep your shoe collection organized and off the floor with the Elfa Décor White Shoe Wall. Available from the Container Store, this space-saving unit features smooth-gliding shoe racks that can hold up to 52 pairs of heels, boots, sneakers and more to make the most out of your closet. 

Wall-Mounted Desk Office Set 

wall desk Batten brings a stylish element to this modular storage. Featuring oak veneer components finished in smoky grey, this fold-out wall desk from Crate & Barrel is a smart and beautiful space-saver. The desk hooks right onto the panel, or affixes directly to the wall, to offer a functional work surface with a small footprint. Three black iron hooks and a flat wall shelf can be arranged in any configuration to store or hang office essentials. 

 Function and form make great partners in your quest to maximize your cozy space. The perfect example of this is the Lori Wall Bed. These products are not only chic and clever, they’ll give you the extra space you desire.  

The Lori Bed is the Most Reviewed Murphy Bed in the World

With 20,000+ happy customers and 2,000+ 5-star reviews, we know you'll love our bed.

We stand behind that belief with our industry-leading 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

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The Lori Bed is the Most Reviewed Murphy Bed in the World

With 20,000+ happy customers and 2,000+ 5-star reviews, we know you'll love our bed.

We stand behind that belief with our industry-leading 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

Learn more

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