How-To Create The Perfect Guest Room For Your Overnight Visitors

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When’s the last time you stayed overnight at someone’s house? Did they have your favorite bottle of white wine on ice when you arrived? Or, perhaps, they arranged freshly cut flowers in the guest room? These small personal touches have a big impact. 

You’ve got the basics checked off your list before your guests’ come knocking. The cheese plate is purchased, there are extra towels in the bathroom, and you have your family room stocked with memory-making board games to play after dinner. When the last card is played and dessert is finished, it’s time to turn in for the night. 

Consider these simple yet impactful tips to transform your guest room into a relaxing retreat. 

Spic & Span

guest bedroom Murphy bed

Cleaning is the first step in creating a welcoming oasis. Underused guest rooms tend to become a catch-all for clutter. The good news is that the impending arrival of overnight guests is a great motivator to get organized. Spare yourself from becoming overwhelmed by devoting small chunks of time to clearing out clutter every day a few weeks ahead of the visit.  

Make Some Room 

guest room suitcase

While you’re decluttering, keep an eye out for space. Guests will need a spot to store their luggage. The Sprue recommends clearing an area one a small table or bench, so guests don’t have to bend down to reach their clothes. Leave a couple of dresser drawers free, if possible. 

Put Comfort at their Fingertips 

A good night’s sleep is one of the most thoughtful amenities you can give your guests. This is not the job for an air mattress or futon. Your friends and family deserve better than a blow-up bed. If your guest room doesn’t have a bed or is typically reserved for other activities, such as a home office or children’s playroom, you can have the best of both worlds with a Murphy bed

Models like the Lori Wall Bed are easily mounted to the wall and lowered by hand before your guests come. The chic addition is all about maximizing comfort and space. Lori Wall Beds fit standard size mattresses less than the 12-inches thick, a much comfier alternative to an air mattress. Plus, when it’s not in use, your space can be a blank canvas for activities.  

Paws Off

cat laying on bed

Our pets are a beloved part of the family, but pet hair is can make for an uncomfortable stay. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, as many as three in 10 people have allergic reactions to cats and dogs. To be on the safe side, close the guest room door to furry friends once you’ve cleaned and put fresh sheets on the bed. 

Hospitable Amenities 

guest room flowers

A clean room and a comfortable bed are wonderfully welcoming, but anticipating your guests’ needs takes hospitality to the next level. Interior designer Young Huh told Real Simple Magazine that hosts could knock the socks off their guests by incorporating amenities featured in a hotel. Think of small extras you’d love to have handy, such as a phone charger, an alarm clock, spare hangers, and a hairdryer—brownie points for decorative touches like fresh flowers or a scented candle. 

Provide Extra 

extra sheets

You never know what mishaps can happen during a stay away from home! Avoid potential awkwardness for your guests by laying out extra linens, toiletries, and towels. And perhaps your guest is one of those gems who likes to change the sheets before they leave? There is nothing wrong with accepting the helping hand!

Rise & Shine

yoga mat

You’re a late sleeper, and your guest is up with the sun. That doesn’t mean you have to set your alarm two hours earlier. Have a few things on hand to keep them entertained while you soak up the shut-eye. A chic frame that includes the wifi password so your guests can stay connected is an excellent and easy way to make them feel comfortable. 

Set out instructions for making coffee. Or, better yet, go the extra mile by putting a coffeemaker and an assortment of flavor pods in the guest room. Amenities like a yoga mat, such as this chic option from Sugarmat, will make guests feel right at home. Visitors can take the time to fold up the Murphy bed and a stream a relaxing morning yoga routine.

After Guests Go

thank you note

Following these tips, you’ll undoubtedly provide an amazing and memorable experience for your guests. But why stop there? The Modern Etiquette suggests keeping in touch with an email, letter, or text thanking your guests for making the trip.

Putting in a little extra thought before your guests’ arrival makes the visit enjoyable and relaxing for everyone. Remember: the happiest hosts are the ones that join in on the fun. Don’t get bogged down with serving your guests instead of enjoying their company. Making the most of your space by cleaning up, installing functional furnishings like a Murphy bed and a small side table, and stocking up on extra linens before they come will make the visit stress-free.


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