How Much Does a Murphy Bed Cost?

How much does a Murphy bed cost

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right Murphy bed. Similarly, there is no one price point that fits all, either. Like narrowing down the pros and cons of every major purchase, there is an intersection of price and quality that ticks all the boxes. 

Murphy beds vary greatly in cost. Some models can start as low as $400 while others can clock in at upwards of $6,000. There is also a sweet middle where affordability and quality meet the wants and needs of most buyers. 

With so much diversity in the marketplace, it is helpful to gain a basic understanding of what features are available at each price point. This comprehensive guide answers the question, “How Much Does a Murphy Bed Cost?” 

Factors That Affect Murphy Bed Prices 

How much does a Murphy bed cost

Size and material also affect the cost of Murphy beds. But there are other elements to consider. The advantage of a Murphy bed is the ability to transform rooms into multifunctional spaces—a value that traditional bed sets can’t deliver. Here are a few other points to keep in mind. 

  • Assembly Type: The cost varies depending on if you purchase a ready-made or custom-built. Some custom units could cost several thousands of dollars, according to Some manufacturers offer installation at an additional cost. 
  • Box Spring: Unlike traditional mattresses, Murphy beds and wall beds don’t require the expense of purchasing a box spring. 
    • Folding Mechanism: It costs the average homeowner roughly $3,000 to install a full-size Murphy bed with traditional pistons in a solid wood cabinet with adjacent shelves, according to Models like the Lori Wall Bed lift and lower without standard pistons or metal mechanism. It's a more efficient and less expensive design to manufacture, in return lowering the cost to the consumer. 
    • Material: Just like Ikea furniture is cheaper than Restoration Hardware, Murphy beds that are made from poor materials—think laminate, MDF or particleboard—are going to be cheaper than made-to-last models. Murphy beds made from real wood may come at a higher price point, but are a better investment and still within financial reach. 
  • Protection Plans & Warranties: Similar to traditional mattresses and other large purchases, retailers often offer protection plans and warranties at an additional cost. These one-time fees typically average $500. Alternatively, select companies have 100 percent satisfaction guarantees upon purchase. It is helpful to consider the manufacturer’s policies prior to making a payment. 
  • Size: Murphy beds are available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. And just like regular beds, the price increases accordingly. When it comes to Murphy beds, it is not just the size of the mattress that affects the bottom line. The size of the cabinets often varies from model-to-model. For example, Fixr says,  “You may have a twin bed that has an extra-large cabinet to accommodate bookshelves or a fold-down table. Therefore, some of the cost of the bed is dictated by the cabinet size.”

A Murphy Bed Pricing Guide 

How much does a Murphy bed cost

Less Than $899 

There are DIY Murphy Bed frame kits available online for as low as $400. At this price point, cost versus benefit is a serious consideration. DIY Murphy Bed models typically use spring mechanisms constructed from steel. The kits usually come with the hardware needed for making the frame, but not with any cabinets or wood parts. They are barebones, lack style and leave a lot up to the talent of the installer. 

Typically, Murphy beds at this sticker price (particularly the larger size models) are crafted out of cheap materials like laminate, MDF or particleboard, which can be flimsy and deteriorate over time. Beds in this range are not intended for long-term use. 

Even at the lowest price point, you’ll discover vertical and horizontal models—though the orientation doesn’t significantly impact the price tag overall. 


In this price range, you’ll find a lot of variation in quality. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a quality, easy-to-install queen or king size model for less than $1,100—but they do exist. Basic metal spring twin models made from manufactured or composite wood are commonly available within this budget from major retailers. Though there are notable exceptions that are crafted with higher quality materials. 

Among the drawbacks of the traditional metal or piston lifting mechanisms is the cost. These models cost more than manual lift, ready to install models, such as Lori Wall Beds. Note: Installing metal springs is also cumbersome and could be dangerous to install without a pro. 

Manual lift models are still easy to raise and lower without spring or piston assistance, and are a big money saver in comparison. Made from 100 percent real wood, Lori Wall Beds range from $799 for a twin to $1,099 for a queen. They are available in vertical and horizontal orientations.

Murphy beds at the mid-range price point are much more stylish than their cheaper counterparts. Models are available with various shelving configurations, stain/paints, and often hardware options. 

More Than $1,500

With a budget of  $1,500+, you’ll see Murphy beds with all the bells and whistles. There is an abundance of stain/paint and hardware options, as well as dozens of shelving and storage designs to fit any aesthetic. 

Many of the options have luxury features, such as built-in charging stations with USB ports and power outlets as well as built-in desks and light fixtures. One of the most expensive options on the market (nearly $10,000) includes a queen size wall bed, sofa, ottoman, wall cabinets and headboard. The back wall of that wall bed is even upholstered to match the sofa. 

Customized models with built-in TV units, couches, shelving and cabinetry also drive up costs. 

In conclusion, purchasing a Murphy bed is not only a great investment for maximizing your space, but it is an investment in your health. A quality bed makes a big difference in your sleep habits and happiness, according to The Sleep Foundation. It is not a time to cut corners, but you don’t have to break the bank, either. Well crafted, affordable Murphy beds models, such as the Lori Wall Bed, are the sweet middle where affordability and quality meet the wants and needs of most buyers. 

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