15 Ways to Increase the Value of your Vacation Rental Property

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Vacation home rentals are the hottest travel trend in 2021.

According to Forbes, travelers are shifting their interest from hotel stays to getaways in private homes for future vacations. Opting for a private rental over a crowded and pricy hotel room has been increasing in popularity over recent years. This is especially true now as the world adjusts to life during Covid-19 times. A private rental assures both quiet relaxation and safe social distance.  

Home-sharing companies like VRBO and Airbnb make it simple for travelers to book the private vacation homes they’re seeking.  

The bad news is that renters are selective about where they stay. The good news for those looking to rent their home is that the market is hot, and renters are willing to pay extra for extra amenities.  

Standing Out in the Rental Market   

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Amenities set rentals apart from each other on the market. Airbnb commissioned a survey and found that 97% of U.S. travelers surveyed said that amenities affect their travel experience. The extra bells and whistles go a long way to increase the amount you charge per stay while also increasing the likelihood of return guests.  

Following accommodations, those surveyed claimed amenities have the second biggest impact on vacation quality ahead of shopping/dining, location, culture, and family/friends.  

The extras don’t have to be fancy — or pricy — to attract renters who are willing to pay top dollar for a safe and clean home. Wireless internet, heating, and television are in the top 10 most searched for amenities on Airbnb. Here are the ten most searched for amenities on Airbnb: 

  1. Pool 
  2. Kitchen 
  3. Free Parking 
  4. Pet Friendly 
  5. Air Conditioning 
  6. Wireless Internet (A chic frame that includes the Wi-Fi password so your guests can stay connected is an excellent and easy way to make them feel comfortable).  
  7. Washer 
  8. Jacuzzi 
  9. Television 
  10. Heating 

                    15 Vacation Rental Amenities Guests are Willing to Pay Extra for  beach chairs

                    You don’t have to go as far as installing an in-ground pool or a jacuzzi to attract top dollar from renters. These 15 simple and cost-effective amenities will give your rental property the wow-factor amenities it needs to stand out to vacationers in 2021.  

                    Streaming Services  

                    TV may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “vacation,” but it is a common requirement for renters. Ideally, the rental would be equipped with cable and a smart TV capable of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime. 

                    A Murphy Bed 

                    murphy bed vacation home

                    A good night’s sleep is one of the most thoughtful amenities you can give your guests. The number of beds in a vacation home is a top search for rental seekers. Yes, the number of beds, not bedrooms. A Murphy bed is the ultimate way to offer more sleeping arrangements without a renovation.  

                    If your guest room doesn’t have a bed or is typically reserved for other activities, such as a home office or children’s playroom, you can have the best of both worlds with a Murphy bed.  Models like the Lori Wall Bed are easily mounted to the wall and lowered by hand before your guests come. Plus, when it’s not in use, your space can be a blank canvas for activities. 

                    Cards and Family-Friendly Games 

                    Board games or a pool table bring a fun factor to a rental listing. Even something simple like a deck of cards provides value and shows guests that they’re welcomed to relax and unwind.  

                    A Porch Swing  

                    organic porch swing by pool

                    A porch swing adds an element of charm that could be the tipping point when a renter chooses where to stay. Porch swings are inviting and nostalgic. Plus, they are a fun place to gather.  

                    Modern porch swings, like the Organic Swing, are particularly great to suit a variety of occasions. Organic Swings’ interchangeable backrest design makes it stand -out for guests.  

                    The two removable backrests can be easily reconfigured into multiple different positions by dropping the pieces into an array of square holes around the perimeter of the seat. It can transform from a traditional porch swing to a luxurious lounger or an intimate face-to-face conversation space.  

                    You can face the seats forward or backward, depending on the view you want. A back-to-back orientation can facilitate more focused personal time for two individuals.  

                    A porch swing is a nice way to relax and connect at the end of a busy travel day.  

                    Extra Storage 

                    Keep an eye out for space. Guests will need a spot to store their luggage. The Spruce recommends clearing an area on a small table or bench so guests don’t have to bend down to reach their clothes. Leave a couple of dresser drawers free, if possible.  

                    Grooming and Beauty Items 

                    According to Logify, in addition to stocking your bathrooms with basic hygiene supplies, you can also add extras in the vanity. For example, Logify suggests offering shower caps, disposable razors, shaving cream, makeup remover wipes. These bonuses make your guests feel like they booked a spa weekend and upgrade their holiday experience. Toothbrushes are the number one item people forget to pack, so keeping a few extras on hand will save your guest a trip to the store. 

                    Kitchen Luxuries 

                    kitchen items

                    A fully functional kitchen is a major amenity. It becomes even more alluring with the addition of small but luxurious extras. Bonus appliances like a blender for making smoothies or an electric wine bottle opener are subtle but attractive add-ons that don’t cost a lot. 

                    Smart Home Features 

                    One recent study showed that 60% of guests would pay more for a vacation rental with a smart home feature. Among the leading smart technology on guests’ wish lists include smart TVs, smart home security systems, video-enabled doorbell cameras, app-controlled smart locks.  

                    Coffee Maker  

                    A coffee maker is high on the list of amenities. And you’ll get bonus points for making it easy to make a cuppa Joe. Set out instructions for making coffee. Or, better yet, go the extra mile by putting in a coffeemaker with an assortment of flavor pods. 

                    Electrical Adapters and Chargers 

                    Many people go on vacation to unplug, but it’s unlikely they’d purposely leave all their tech behind. Having a basket with extra chargers and wall adapters is a nice touch.  

                    Extra Linens & Toiletries   linens

                    You never know what mishaps can happen during a stay away from home! Avoid potential awkwardness for your guests by laying out extra linens, toiletries, and towels. And perhaps your guest is one of those gems who likes to change the sheets before they leave? There is nothing wrong with providing an extra set and accepting the helping hand! 

                    Barbecue or Grill 

                    Grilling outside is practically an American pastime. It is synonymous with leisure. Guests are often willing to pay more for a property with a private barbecue, according to Hostfully. In many cases, a good barbecue can even offset the drawbacks of a property with a small kitchen. 

                    Great Outdoor Spaces  

                    You’re probably not surprised to hear that most people love to time outside during their vacation. Even if the cost of significant landscaping isn’t in the budget, homeowners can appeal to renters by keeping the outdoor place presentable. Weeding, trimming overgrowth, planting flowers, and repairing broken fences can improve the guest’s experience and the bottom line. 

                    Yoga Mat 

                    Amenities like a yoga mat will make guests feel right at home. Visitors can fold up the Murphy bed and stream a relaxing morning yoga routine – the perfect way to start a day.. 

                    Bikes & Sports Equipment   

                    Being able to access activities easily is a big draw for vacationers. Keeping amenities like bicycles, tennis rackets, kayaks, or skis can make a difference in a potential renter’s decision. Depending on the types of tourist attractions in your area, you can hone in on the types of equipment that would appeal to guests.  

                    A good rule of thumb for providing guests amenities is to think of small extras you’d love to have handy. Bonus items — especially the ones you’re most likely to forget to pack, such as a phone charger, an alarm clock, spare hangers, and a hairdryer will all earn brownie points and garner extra profit for your vacation rental property.  

                    Renters are looking for value when they choose a place to get away with their friends and family. A Murphy bed offering another space to sleep or a porch swing  providing an intangible charm can make all the difference.  

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