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20,000+ Happy Customers

"Lori Wall Beds have been on our radar since 2008. Simple beds with an unfinished option so you can add any color or other finish you choose."
"The Lori Wall Bed is a mechanism-free solution that makes it possible to create a custom Murphy for much less money."
"Best affordable Murphy bed. This bed is made in the United States and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee."
"Entertain overnight guests by providing a real bed in your home office."
"The Lori Wall Bed is perfect for a studio or a guest room."
"All pieces are 100 percent real wood, not MDF. Plus for every bed bought the company plants 10 trees in deforested areas across the world."

There’s Beauty in the Details

Flawlessly Designed

Lower it, lift it, lock it, love it. The Lori Bed is the only Murphy Bed on the market without springs, pistons, and other cumbersome lifting mechanisms. The result is a smarter, lighter, and safer bed.

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Sustainably Sourced

Our bed panels are pruned, trimmed, and pressed from 100% plantation grown, lightweight Spanish Poplar. The final product is manufactured in the U.S.A., and finished with UV resistant, chemical free compounds.

How it works

Fully Functional

Not enough space? No problem. The Lori Murphy Bed gives you more where you need it most. Built with purpose, and crafted for efficiency, two rooms in one has never looked, or felt, better.

Assembly process

Full Murphy Bed Assembly in Under 60 Minutes

No specialty or power tools required.

The Values We Live By

Real People

"In the beginning,  the Lori Bed was a way for us to spend more time with each other... Now, after 5 years working together, we’ve discovered something about our business…family is everything. For us, the Lori Bed nurtures connection…it’s thoughtfulness…it’s togetherness…and it adds value to our homes without taking away from the planet…”

- Kyle & Brenden, brothers and co-founders

Real Service

“Family owned, and family operated, we treat our customers like family too. We make ourselves accessible, because we care. No robots…no automated Q & As…If a Lori Bed customer is unsatisfied, we are here to listen…and to make it right…because that’s simply the right thing to do.”

- Danielle & Emily, customer support

Real Triumphs

Ayanna J.

We love the bed, it is a great alternative to the usual murphy bed with springs. It was easy to put together with 2 people.

Dave N.

I recently converted a bunkhouse into a home office, but didn't want to remove the bed completely. After some research, I was quite surprised at the cost of Murphy Beds. The Lori Wall Bed was the perfect solution.

Cecelia C.

I am beyond thrilled with our Lori Wall Bed. It is the envy of the neighborhood and suits our needs in our guest / arts and crafts / computer room!

Chris C.

I have built 4 Lori beds in two houses and used them for guest and family. Use when needed and stand up for shelves and centerpiece in a room.

David S.

In my 550 square foot condo, I needed the ability to gain floor space daily. I searched the internet trying to find the perfect bed to suit my needs. This bed is amazing. If you need a Murphy bed, get this one.

Brett S.

We just put together our queen size vertical Lori Wall Bed in our garage apartment. It was exactly what we needed to be able to utilize the space more efficiently when guests aren't staying with us.

Dan W.

The Lori Wall Bed kit was SO EASY to assemble! It took me longer to stain it than it did to build. What a great room saver!!!

Melissa B.

We LOVE our Lori Wall bed!! My husband and son, neither of which are carpenters, built this bed in a couple of days. It looks great and is easy to open and close.

Heather D.

Amazing. The Lori Bed kit was the best thing we purchased all year. Plans were easy to follow. Affordable and stylish.

Christopher C.

It was really easy to put together and it looks great. If you are looking for a great and cheaper solution to a Murphy bed take a chance on these guys.

Kevin K.

This bed delivered on all expectations. Perfectly cut pieces, easy instructions (along with a VERY helpful YouTube video) and well packed. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a murphy bed.

Robert M.

I did a lot of research for murphy beds and anything that approached high quality construction was well over $2K. This bed is solid and goes together relatively easily. Overall, very happy with the purchase.

Paula W.

Great product! It's very hard to find a murphy bed not made with dangerous particle board. So happy with this find!

Mila P.

Great murphy bed for a fraction of the price of the traditional ones ($3,000++). My guests have been raving about how comfortable the bed has been and for us it’s been awesome having an office that can turn into a guest room without spending a fortune.

Damon S.

Great alternative to spending $$$$ on particle board murphy bed. Saved us so much money making it ourselves. Directions were simple to follow and finished product looks great!

Allyson C.

After a long search for a good looking murphy bed, I am so happy we came across Lori wall beds! It looks amazing and we love the simplicity of it.

Emily K.

We purchased the murphy bed to have a guest bedroom without losing out of space when not in use. This bed is beautiful! We could not have asked for a more quality product, which is so hard to find. 

Mother Nature is Part of the Family

How Our Murphy Beds Give Back

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed is a great way to maximize space in a room. They easily fold up, creating flow and function for a room while giving yourself or guests a comfy place to sleep. Also known as wall beds, Murphy beds offer numerous benefits to homeowners and renters, including:

Save Space: Live in a home with only one bedroom? Or perhaps you live in a studio or small apartment? A wall bed is a perfect choice for creating and saving space within your home, while also giving guests a place to sleep when they visit. And because they fold upwards, you give yourself a lot of extra space to use as an exercise area, office, playroom, or anything you want!

Multifunctional: One of the best things about a Murphy bed is they aren’t just a bed. They can also be a bookshelf during the day, or a place to store things. This ends up helping you to reduce clutter and keep things organized (which is really important especially if you have limited storage space).

Why is it called a Murphy bed?

A Murphy wall bed is called a Murphy bed because it is named after the person who designed it - William Lawrence Murphy.

How much does a Murphy bed cost?

The Lori Bed is priced at just under $1,500 - that’s it! Purchasing a home or apartment with an extra bedroom will cost a lot more, which makes a Murphy bed an economically-wise choice for staying within budget. Learn more about what makes a Lori Bed an ideal investment.

Who invented the Murphy bed?

The Murphy bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy around 1900 in San Francisco. Legend has it that the design was prompted by a love interest.

How does a Murphy bed work?

A modern Murphy bed with Lori Beds works by simply lifting and lowering the bed with the help of a friend. Our beds do not contain a heavy lifting mechanism, which allows the cost to be much more affordable than other Murphy beds.

How comfortable is a Murphy bed?

The Murphy beds at Lori Beds are extremely comfortable. Just read our Customer Reviews!

How deep is a Murphy bed?

Our Queen-size Murphy bed and Twin-size beds are 23’’ deep.

Where can I find Murphy beds for sale?

It’s common for individuals to want a Murphy bed on sale because many suppliers charge high prices for modern designs. But a Murphy bed by Lori Beds is already affordable! At just $1500 you can purchase a durable, high-quality, comfortable bed that is easy to set up - all without breaking the bank.

Which types of Murphy beds are available?

There are endless design options with Murphy beds. Whether you are looking for a Murphy bed with shelves, a Murphy bed with storage, or a Murphy bed with desk functionality, Lori Beds has what you need.

Which size Murphy beds are available?

Lori Beds sizes are available as a Queen Murphy bed or a Twin Murphy bed. Additionally, Lori Wall Beds can either be a horizontal Murphy bed or vertical. Vertical beds have a more traditional sleeping arrangement, while horizontal beds can fit better in rooms with less space or a lower ceiling.