DIY Lori Wall Bed 

Build Your Own Lori Wall Bed

Vertical Queen Plans PDF -- $23



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Vertical Double Plans PDF -- $23 Click to read about the Lori Wall Beds Satisfaction Promise! Vertical Twin Plans PDF -- $23 Horizontal Queen Plans PDF -- $23

Downloadable PDF Plans

Folks have been creating their own Lori Wall Beds for a few years now using the plans that I have wrtten and illustrated. Each plan contains step-by-step instructions and pictures, including shopping lists for lumber and hardware, cutting guide, and assembly instructions. All the hardware and lumber you need is usually readily available at your local big box hardware store.


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Downloadable Instructional Video

Follow along as I build an entire Lori Wall Bed on video! In this video I make all the cuts and assemble the bed. I also demonstrate some optional techniques, like routered edges and other special touches. Throughout, I narrate each activity and zoom in close to capture all the details.


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Hardware Kit

Includes all screws, bolts, anchors, locks, hinges, and straps required to assemble one bed and anchor it securely to drywall. Save yourself from hunting at the hardware store and buying larger quantities than you need.


(Plans sold separately.)

Carpenter Kit
The Carpenter Kit includes everything in the hardware kit, plus a printed copy of your selected Lori Wall Bed plan. The Carpenter Kit makes building easy, and is great when building a Lori Wall Bed yourself or hiring a local craftsman. It's especially practical for customers outside of the United States.​

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Horizontal Double Plans PDF -- $23 Horizontal Twin Plans PDF -- $23 Instructional Video -- $12

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