DIY Lori Wall Bed 

​Downloadable PDF Plans are $23

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So, you'd like to build your own Lori Wall Bed...

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Vertical Twin Plans PDF Horizontal Queen Plans PDF


Downloadable PDF Plans are $23
Download Instructional Video $12
Instructional DVD - not yet available due to tech issues. 
Hardware Kit - Includes all screws, bolts, anchors, locks, hinges, and straps required to assemble one bed. You will need to purchse a small dowel kit, though, for less than $10 at a hardware store. Does not include plans. This option is for those who downloaded plans already and later decided they wanted hardware as well.
Carpenter Kit: $85 - includes a printed copy of  plans and hardware. I can help you negotiate a price with your local carpenter and am available for the carpenter to call and ask any questions that arise.

Allow me to explain this project to you as accurately as I can: 

One of the first questions you may ask yourself is,  "Do I have the necessary skill?"  This is a good question.  I believe,  that  patience, attentiveness, determination and a sense of humor may easily compensate for the the lack of years training as a carpenter.  I was not a skilled/trained carpenter when I built my prototype in the guest bedroom of our condo on the fourth floor (I do not suggest doing all of your sawing and sanding in the bedroom as I did - I'm just painting a picture for you). After establishing the basic structure and function of what I immediately called a Lori Wall Bed, I went on to build  over 90 units by hand over the next year and a half. 

It is important that you understand that the measurements I give are exact, and  even a 16th of an inch of inaccuracy can create problems for you.
Also, perfect 90º angles are very important. If you can handle  these two basic rules, and  not  be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake and have to go back to the store to buy more wood, then this project may be something you can tackle and  achieve success.


Folks have been creating their own Lori Wall Beds for a few years now using only the plans that I have wrtten and illustrated. As of June, 2013, I have begun offering  an instructional video and a hardware kit for those who would like them. I did not create the video because I was asked to, rather, I just thought one should be available for individuals who would benefit from more visual aids. Also, the video shows some "advanced" techniques, like routing the edges. I noticed that no one was routing the edges of their shelves like I do because I didn't present these details in the instructions. There is a reason why I didn't: I didn't want people to think that if they didn't have a router or didn't know what one was or how to use one, then they couldn't make the bed exactly as it needed to be. I assumed that folks that had the tools would add ther own special touches, like routered edges - but they were not. This video shows how I router the edges of my shelves and rockers. In the video I demonstrate how to rip and cut and trim all of the boards from 1" x 12' x 12" poplar boards. I also create all of my 1 1/2" inch lumber by gluing 3/4" thick pieces together - because this is how I make all of my beds. I then walk you through the assembly process step-by-step. 


If you do not want to spring for the carpenter's kit, you can check out the downloadable instructions first. If you feel like you need a little extra help, purchase access to the video, and if later, you don't want to fuss with shopping around for hardware, grab one of my Hardware Kits.


I created the Carpenter Kit for those who know from the start that they prefer to have a local craftsman make their bed for them. This is especially practical for my customers outside of the United States. 


"How long will it take me to build my own Lori Wall Bed?"


 Probably not less than 30 hours without staining.  Add a full day or two (8 - 16 hrs) for staining. Sanding accounts for  about 1/4 of the duration of the project.

I can tell you what I think are necessites for this project; a table saw, a  10" mitre saw, a jig saw, a drywall  "T" square, battery drill (power drills are too powerful).  You may find a  supplier that is able to make meticulous cuts for you, but ths is not likely, because if they do make cuts, they won't be meticulous. 

Optional tools include a hand router with a 1/4" round over bit, an orbital sander (my preference), a hand held belt sander, a hand held electric wood planer, a circular saw.

Blades on all tools should all be new and sharp so as to not tear up the beautiful plywood that you took so much time carefully choosing.


"$$$ How much will it cost to build my own Lori Wall Bed?"

This can vary from $150 to $300. I am betting, that if you use pine dimensional boards, and choose a nice plywood that costs between $22 and $35 a sheet, you will  not spend more than $200. 

If you wish to build a bed using poplar, you will likely need to order the wood in advance from a supplier (visit a local supplier in person and verbally place an order) you will probably spend around $150 on poplar baords alone. Poplar, however is very nice to work with. 

Will you receive moral support?   Yes! I am here to help you every step of the way, if that is what you need.

Please email me with your questions or call me at 205-412-5159

Please visit the FAQ page for frequently asked questions about my beds and my DIY plans.
Horizontal Double Plans PDF Horizontal Twin Plans PDF Download Instructional Video $12

Look at this guy! 

He did an awesome job creating his Lori Wall Bed. Many of my DIY wallbed builders send me photos to add to my brag book. I don't have proffessional photo shoots to capture my products' personality and such - I rely on my customers to supply me with the best possible pictures. All of the photos in my gallery are taken in peoples' homes, not sets, with a few exceptions. I love it! Thank you Guy.